Cabin Crew Life

13 Tips on How To Become a Flight Attendant

Is becoming a flight attendant your lifelong dream job? As a flight attendant, you will become the airlines’ frontliners. Your actions reflect the perceived values...

Video: Emirates Cabin Crew Life in the Sky

Here’s an exciting video about Emirates cabin crews and their lives in the skies. This is a great feature of flight attendants explaining their...

Emirates Airlines vs Qatar Airways as Employers

As promised in one of earlier posts, I’m going to share a couple of insights on Emirates Airlines vs Qatar Airways as Employers. So which...

Best Cabin Crew Employer Survey

Out of the blue, I set up a survey on my sidebar about the best cabin crew employer in a few well-known Airlines in...

Top 15 Flight Attendants Cabin Crew

I came across this video on YouTube about the top 15 Airline Cabin Crew attendants around the globe. This is just a simple compilation...

Qatar Cabin Crew Golden Call

This is part two my open day experience with Qatar Airways last June 11, 2011 in France. There was a recruitment hiring in Paris...

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