virgin australia best cabin crew

Virgin Australia recently bagged the best cabin crew award for 2019 in a recent award even by AirlineRatings. They also placed 5th among the top ten best airlines. Whenever an airline gives their very best to provide an efficient and high-quality service to their passengers, all their hard work and efforts are usually paid off [...]

Every passenger has their own favorite airline to fly with. Usually, they would pick the best one for them based on the service provided to them, the price of the tickets, the meals offered in-flight, the entertainment system, and more. This is taken advantage of by the airlines to assess how satisfied their customers are [...]

skytrax 2014 airline of the year

Applying as a cabin crew is not a simple walk in the park. If you want to know how to apply as a Cabin Crew, you have to follow the set standards required by each airline company. If you do not get considered when you apply for an airline company, you should never give up. [...]

The Skytrax World Airlines Awards 2012 was held at the Farnborough Air Show last July 12, 2012. This event was attended by the prominent figures in the aviation industry. The World’s Best Airline is the most coveted award that airlines have been vying for. So who won the Skytrax Airline of the Year this 2012? [...]