Job Requirements/Qualifications

Swiss International Airlines is the national aviation company of Switzerland, flying millions of passengers to 43 countries every year. The company is committed to providing high-quality services to the clients while making sure that the whole workforce is endowed with proper attitude and values. Every employee, present and even the past ones, enjoyed the working [...]

Airlines have set a minimum height measurement for a specific reason – and this is NOT so cabin crews can help passengers put luggage in the overhead compartment. Instead, this is to make sure they can reach the overhead lockers to reach SAFETY equipment. Yes, in case you didn’t know, the main function of flight [...]

Being a flight attendant for Emirates is a great way to start your career. Known as the best airlines in Skytrax 2013, you are sure to begin your employment with a prestigious airline with great salary and benefits! Before anything else, how do you know that you are qualified to work in Emirates airways? We [...]

I had a conversation with my employer about cabin crew vacancies and why I’ve always wanted to be in the airline industry as a Qatar flight steward or Etihad cabin crew.I told him that ever since I started traveling around the country during my days off and during my vacation leaves, I have gotten another [...]