Emirates Hong Kong Open Day for Chinese Only?


I contacted the SASS Atlantic agency because of a comment on the Emirates Open Day recruitment web page saying “Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Sass Atlantic.

Emirates Open Day in Hong Kong

There will be an Open Day in Hong Kong this June 11, 2011 and I was already excited as I’ve been waiting for over a year to apply as a cabin crew for a career as a flight attendant in Emirates Airlines or Qatar Airways; even Etihad Airways. Actually any cabin crew job in the Middle East would suffice so long as I can get away and travel the world while doing this job.

Emirates flight stewardesses

Going back, I asked a friend who is based in Singapore to call Sass Atlantic (Emirates partner agency based in SG) and they said that they only handle requests for Chinese-speaking applicants only. Any other applicant will have to go through their local agency in the country which is I.A.C. in Tunis, IPAMS in the Philippines and Hilal in Turkey.

IPAMS and Hilal No Idea

I called a local agency and they are unaware of any information about an Open Day in Hong Kong. They said they only cater to the residents in the country and what they usually do for the prescreening process is just evaluate the applications from flight attendant wannabes and then refer them to the Open Days that are posted on the site.

In any case, I’m at a loss cause I’ve been given the runaround. It seems to me that I’m the only person who’s bent on understanding the process of recruitment on these airline companies in the Middle East. It’s been a total bummer because I badly want to become a cabin crew member.

I don’t want to go to Hong Kong and end up denied because of technicalities. It would be a total waste of money if that were to happen as well as time.

For now, I still have to wait for an email confirmation to verify the eligibility. I hope the Emirates Hong Kong Open Day won’t be for Chinese only.

To know more about the Open Days in Emirates, you can check their updates here: EK Open Days Recruitment

Photo credit: spiegel.de