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Compass Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring

Compass Airlines, LLC, a Minneapolis, Detroit and Los Angeles based regional carrier is opening their doors to candidates who want to apply as flight attendants.

Compass Airlines’ vision is to be the safest and most reliable regional air carrier in the US and North America. Compass wants to create solutions that ensure an enjoyable flying experience for its clients. Compass Airlines operate 42 Embraer 170/175 aircraft, flying as a Delta Connection carrier to more than 185 cities in the Uinted States and Canada.

The company also thinks highly of its employees. It is the company’s culture to value people who makes contributions for the company’s well-being. Being proactive is highly encouraged and employees are rewarded for delivering results.

The company is continuously growing and it invites everyone who possess and share a passion for flying to come join their team of Flight Attendants. The airline company aims to look for cabin crew applicants who are highly dependable. The aspiring candidate must also be flexible, has integrity, and above all, possesses excellent customer service skills who can thrive in a non-routine work environment.

Before you send in your applications, make sure you read through these articles first to know what to expect from Compass Airlines:

To all interested applicants, if you want your job to be an adventure every day, if you want change and willing to embrace a new direction, and if being a flight attendant is your life-long dream, then you are what Compass Airlines, LLC is looking for.

Compass Airlines Flight Attendant Recruitment 2016

Candidates are expected to submit their online applications for their chosen location:

Location: Seattle
Date: July 6
Want to apply for this cabin crew location? Submit your application here.

Location: Minneapolis
Date: July 12
Want to apply for this cabin crew location? Submit your application here.

Location: Los Angeles
Date: July 19
Want to apply for this cabin crew location? Submit your application here.

How to Apply

This job event is an “INVITATION ONLY” event. You need to apply online to be considered for the position.  In order to qualify, you need to be assessed and undergo the Flight Attendant Informational Sessions. You also need to have a 10 year work history related to this position. Once you meet the set qualifications, you will receive an email invitation.


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