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Given that Virgin Australia isn’t as big as the other companies yet, they are very meticulous with whom they hire as their employees. Aside from their physical qualifications for the cabin crew position, they also require several documents that will allow you to work legally in the areas where Virgin Australia flies to. In our [...]

virgin australia best cabin crew

Virgin Australia recently bagged the best cabin crew award for 2019 in a recent award even by AirlineRatings. They also placed 5th among the top ten best airlines. Whenever an airline gives their very best to provide an efficient and high-quality service to their passengers, all their hard work and efforts are usually paid off [...]

Horizon Air was established to fill a gap in the market back in 1981. The company was able to grow significantly in the early years and was able to acquire a few airlines along the way. Because of its potential, Horizon Air caught the attention of larger companies and was acquired by Alaska Air Group, [...]

Malaysia Airlines is one of the best companies in Asia. They have come a long way ever since they started back in 1947 as Malayan Airways Limited. Over the years, they have proven their worth through their world-class facilities and aircraft which resulted from their talented engineers and employees, and their professional cabin services. For [...]

Being a cabin crew is one of the most rewarding jobs a professional can have. Imagine being able to address the passengers’ concerns while having the privilege to see the beauty of the world? Sounds appealing, right? Before you are given the opportunity to accompany the clients to their destination, there are things that you [...]

Many passengers adore British Airways because of their excellent service and year-round low fares. Aside from that, this aviation company is committed to make it a wonderful experience for every customer that flies with them. British Airways offers assistance to whoever needs it, and makes every process a lot more convenient. To put it simply, [...]

British Airways is one of the most generous airline companies when it comes to the salary and benefits that they provide to their cabin crews. Given how much the company has grown over the years, the company makes sure that they compensate their employees well in return for their hard work and the efforts that [...]

Air Wisconsin, a regional airline in the US, was founded in 1965 which only provided services in a few states. In the present day, the airline company was able to grow significantly and can now accompany their passengers to 26 states within the United States. Safety is the number one priority of Air Wisconsin, not [...]

Air New Zealand’s philosophy is: “To be simply the best in the delivery of products and services to our customers, with a style flair and warmth that is unique to Air New Zealand.” This company is recognized by the passengers as one of the best companies in the world because of the genuine and excellent [...]

Virgin Australia is one of the most reputable companies in the industry. Known as an airline that provides a great value for money kind of service, it is not surprising that a lot of passengers patronize them. Compared to other companies, Virgin Australia makes the check-in a lot more easier through their app. Furthermore, the [...]

Asiana Airlines ranked #6 on this year’s Top 10 Airlines in the World which was awarded during the World Airlines Award last July 17th. For this reason, many passengers and job hunters started to lay their eyes on the company even more as their achievements increase. The company is really competitive especially when it comes to [...]

Asiana Airlines, which is one of the major airlines of South Korea, is one of the best companies in the industry. It was established in the early 1988 and went by the name Seoul Airlines at the time. The company has grown over the years in terms of their employees, facilities, and aircraft. In the [...]