66-Year-Old Flight Attendant Found Dead at Philadelphia Airport Hotel with Sock in Her Mouth

  • Diana Ramos, a 66-year-old flight attendant employed by American Airlines for 25 years, was discovered deceased in a Philadelphia hotel room.
  • The circumstances surrounding her death are deemed “suspicious” and the cause of death is currently unknown, as autopsy results are pending.
  • This tragedy has sparked speculations and concerns from the family and community, with many raising questions about what exactly happened.
  • The incident also highlights the exhausting and often stressful job of a flight attendant, raising questions about why the missing report wasn’t filed right away when an employee fails to report to their flight.

September 28, 2023, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Tragic news to the flight attendant community as Diana Ramos, a 66-year-old woman who had been employed by American Airlines for 25 years, has been identified as the deceased individual discovered at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott. According to The Independent, housekeeping staff found her with a sock in her mouth at 10:45 p.m. on Monday

Despite the odd circumstances, there were no signs of forced entry or evidence of a struggle in the room. According to ABC’s local affiliate Action News, the flight attendant had overstayed her scheduled checkout by two days.

Investigation and Speculation

Investigators are deeming the death as “suspicious,” although the cause of death remains uncertain. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, in an interview with NBC10, postulated that the flight attendant might have suffered a “sudden death.”

News of this incident has sent shockwaves through the American Airlines community and beyond. PEOPLE magazine tried to reach out to American Airlines, Marriott, and local authorities in Philadelphia for comment but has received no immediate response. An anonymous flight attendant from American Airlines, while speaking to PEOPLE, expressed their confusion and sorrow about the incident. “Everybody is still trying to figure out what happened and why her crew just left her,” the source shared. The flight attendant was a part of a Los Angeles-based crew.

Local Response

Local residents have also expressed their concern and condolences. Tracee Quinn, a local in the area, voiced her concern about the strange circumstances surrounding the incident. “It’s very strange and it seems like a lot of unanswered questions,” she told Action News. Patricia Watkins, another resident, expressed her sympathies for the woman’s family, stating, “That’s very sad and I’m sad for her family that, you know, her body was found in a hotel.”

Ongoing Investigation

Investigators also revealed to FOX that they discovered several sealed containers of prescription medication in the flight attendant’s room. Walter Perez, a reporter for Action News who was present at the scene, stated that autopsy results are pending.

Video: News Report of a Flight attendant discovered Unconscious at Marriott Airport Hotel in Philadelphia

This video report by ABC7 Chicago presents info about a tragic incident involving a flight attendant who was found deceased at the Airport Marriott. Notably, a sock was discovered in her mouth, adding a layer of mystery to this already unfortunate event. The circumstances surrounding her death are currently unclear and under investigation.


As the cabin crew community grapples with this loss, many are left with questions and a heavy heart. The incident has starkly highlighted the importance of crew members’ safety and well-being while on duty.

This is a heartbreaking tragedy that has left many questions unanswered. The sudden and suspicious death of an American Airlines flight attendant during a layover in a Philadelphia hotel is a shocking event that has sparked concerns and speculation. It’s important to remember that at this time, no cause of death has been determined and investigations are ongoing.

This tragic incident also highlights the exhausting and often stressful nature of the job of a flight attendant. It allegedly took about 2 days for the missing report to be filed and for her body to be found, raising questions about why this was not reported right away when an employee has failed to report to their flight.

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