Assessment Day

Note: This is the typical scenario of an assessment day for airline industries in the Middle East as Emirates, Qatar and Etihad and anytime may be changed by the airline without prior notice.

So you’ve been called in the afternoon after attending the Open Day. The cabin crew recruitment staff informed you to come back the next day as you will further progress to the second stage which is the Assessment Day. Congratulations!

Successful candidates from the Open Day will be invited for the Assessment Day. This can happen on the day right after the Open Day or within 2 weeks period. Nonetheless, you will be notified the soonest if you have been shortlisted. Assessment Day can be a whole day process so it is advised more than anything that you have substantial sleep and meals before showing up. Short lunch breaks will still be given. Feel free to bring lite bite snacks if you want.

During the Assessment Day, you will be observed by the Recruitment Officers all throughout the day whether you are interacting with them or with fellow applicants. Showing up early and being properly groomed will also be taken into account.

So what happens during the Assessment Day?


All applicants will be gathered in a room where flight attendant recruitment officers will discuss the job of a cabin crew, its benefits, the country where you will be relocated, its culture and norms, etc. They will tend to randomly ask questions from the applicants about these things just to know if you’ve done your research. Hence, this is a good time to raise your hand, show your confidence and demonstrate your knowledge about the job or the place where you will be based. However, do not take the spotlight all the time. This is not a one-man’s (or one-woman’s) show. Again, they hire as much as they want. If they like you, they like you. And over confidence is not a very likable trait.

Video Presentation

They may also show a very inviting video about the job you are about to have and the place you may soon call your new home. Pay attention. Be interested and curious. Talking, texting, sleeping or looking bored while they are playing the video is not a very good sign of how interested you are in getting the job.

English Exam

During the day, you will be given a Basic English Exam. It will come in multiple choice type and possibly a 1-question essay. As long as you know basic English grammar, you’ll be fine.

Height Reach Test

During or after the exam, you will be taking the height reach test. According to their respective websites, the minimum height requirement for Emirates and Qatar is 212 cm, and 210 cm for Etihad, on tip toes. You will be asked to remove your shoes, raise your arms to maximum while on tip toe. A marker is plastered on the wall to measure if you’ve reached the specific minimum height required. If you just barely or sort of reach the minimum height, it will be good to practice this test at home before showing up so you don’t struggle during this assessment. Take off your jacket if you have to. It may give you more room to stretch. Remember, this test is strictly pass or fail. It’s that black and white, either you reach or you don’t.

During this stage, the recruitment officers may ask you a question or two. This is not an interview. The question may be something like, “what do you like do on weekends?” or “what kind of activities do you recommend for tourists in your country?” The assessment more or less, is to gauge how smoothly you transition from height reaching to answering random queries. There is no trick, just don’t panic and answer the question with all smiles. Be interesting and engaging. Your manner of answering the question is as important as the content of your answer.

An elimination round may take place after. Keep your smile and positive energy.

Group Discussion

Group discussion test will follow. The remaining applicants will be divided in groups and will be given a scenario where a decision has to be concluded by each group. Sample scenarios will be:

1. You are on a ship that is about to sink and you only have room for 3 more people in the lifeboat. Will you save the mother with baby, the pregnant woman, the doctor, the sailor, the student, the child, etc.?

2. If you have a choice to pick which nationality you would like your flatmate to be when you will be relocated for this job, which top 3 nationalities will you pick and why?

The groups will be given a certain amount of time, like 5-15 minutes and the final decision will be presented afterwards. A decision has to be made. “Anything goes” or “whatever will be, will be” is not a decision. You will be given choices and you have to pick. There may not exactly be a right or wrong answer. Although yes, there can still be a smart response. What is the underlying point of this exercise? They want to know if you are capable of working with a group of other people, if you can share, listen and respect ideas of others, which may not necessarily be the same as yours. While you and the rest of the team is discussing on the subject, the recruitment officers will be roaming around observing you. Other than listening to what you have to say, your hand gestures, facial expressions, mannerisms will be observed.

So what do you have to do to pass this stage of the assessment?

  • Share. Share your ideas or thoughts on the subject. Contribute something to the group which you are part of. This shows confidence and independence.
  • More than sharing, listening is just as important. Let others share as well and don’t interrupt them.
  • Be engaging. Don’t do all the talking even if you have a point. If someone is not participating, reach out to them “what do you think, applicant x?”, “would you like to share your thoughts, applicant x?”
  • When reaching for a decision, do not argue with the applicants, roll your eyes or show signs of disrespect. Remember, they also need to share their insights just as much as you do. They also want to get the job. Be professional and don’t attack them. Say politely, “yes, I think I can see where you’re coming from”, “now that I think about it, I actually like your idea”, “I understand your point of view however I still think we should do otherwise. Let’s check what the rest of the team thinks and perhaps we go with the majority”
  • Be polite and courteous. All the time.
  • Relax and smile. This is a group exercise and not an intelligence exam. You will be assessed how well you work in a group, more than what ideas you contribute to the table.

Another elimination round will take place. Again, keep your smile and positive energy.

Final Interview Invitation

Remaining candidates will be invited for the final interview, which can take place the day after. You may be asked to take another English grammar and comprehension test as well as a psychological test. There is no more elimination round after these tests. You will all go through the final interview.

Assessment Day can be a long, stressful day with elimination rounds in between. Since you will be observed all throughout the day, try to keep your energy up, be engaging with the other applicants when you get the chance, keep a smiling face and a friendly attitude. Again, you are applying for a customer service job. They need to know you can deal with random people naturally just like you will be on the plane when you get the job. Keep your grooming and attire pristine until the assessment day is finished just like when you walked in 5 or 6 hours before.

And that concludes the Assessment Day. Remember this is in account of what happened to previous applicants which may be changed anytime by the airline industry. Just like any other assessment days, just bring a bag of confidence, smile and friendliness to get you far enough to interview stage, until you get the actual job.

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