190 Evacuated as Delta Plane Tire Bursts upon Landing at Atlanta Airport, 1 Injured

  • Delta Airlines Flight 1437 was forced to evacuate on the tarmac at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport due to tires catching fire and bursting during landing on Wednesday afternoon.
  • 190 passengers were onboard, with one sustaining minor injuries.
  • Passengers praised Delta crew and airport first responders for their swift action in managing the situation.
  • Delta released a statement expressing gratitude to the personnel involved in containing the incident, while apologizing for the unsettling experience.
  • FAA is investigating the cause of tire fire and resulting burst.
  • Earlier this week, another Delta flight headed for Newark from Boston had to turn back due to an anonymous tip about a potential threat to flight safety – passenger was later removed from plane and flight continued without further interruption.

August 3, 2023, Atlanta, Georgia – A frightful event unfolded at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when Delta Airlines’ Flight 1437 from Boston had to initiate a hurried evacuation on the tarmac. This sudden action was due to the aircraft’s tires catching fire and subsequently bursting during the landing process on Wednesday afternoon, as confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

A total of 190 passengers were onboard this Delta aircraft, and among them, one individual sustained injuries.

The Unforeseen Occurrence

At around 6 p.m. (ET), Flight 1437 was in the procedure of touching down in Atlanta when it experienced a tire blowout in its left main gear. This mechanical failure led to a fire and subsequent bursting of the affected tires, triggering a rapid evacuation process.

On-Board Accounts

One of the passengers, who was onboard the Boeing 757, reached out to the local news station, 11Alive, with photographic and video evidence of the incident. The shared media depicted passengers making a swift exit down the emergency chute of the plane, as flames engulfed the rear of the aircraft.

Bruce Campbell, a passenger on the troubled flight, recounted the experience and praised the Delta crew along with the airport first responders for their swift action and professionalism.

Statement from Delta Air Lines

In light of the incident, Delta Air Lines released a statement expressing their gratitude towards the flight crew and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s first responders for their swift action in managing the situation. They also extended their apologies to the passengers for the unsettling experience, emphasizing that both customer and crew safety is their topmost priority.

FAA Investigation

The FAA has pledged to look into the incident, with an investigation underway to ascertain the cause of the tire fire and subsequent burst.

Other Incidents Related to Delta

Interestingly, this was not the lone incident to involve a Delta flight this week. Another Delta flight, headed for Newark, N.J., from Boston, had to turn back due to an anonymous tip about a passenger posing a threat to flight safety. Upon checking, the passenger was removed from the plane, and the flight was allowed to proceed to its original destination.

Despite the distressing incidents, the passengers of both Delta flights expressed a combination of relief and anxiety as they finally continued their respective journeys.

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