Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Attend a Flight Attendant School

Being a part of a cabin crew is the dream job for many. It presents the opportunity for you to be able to tour around the world, meet a variety of people, and still have a generous salary at the same time. This does not mean that the job is easy, though. From constantly shifting hours of your body clock, dealing with technical mishaps, and staying graceful throughout the whole process, most will find the job harder than others.

Flight attendant schools promise to teach everything that may be necessary to be hired as a cabin crew. Some of them may also agreements with airlines to have their students prioritized. However, most of them are unnecessary and may be ignored totally.

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5 Reasons Why Attending A Flight Attendant School is Not Mandatory

Reasons why attending a flight attendant school is not important.

1. Airlines don’t require a certification from these schools

Even without prior training concerning flight attending, there is still a high chance for you to be accepted in their company. Provided that you will pass their physical requirements, personality test, and required skill sets, a certification from a flight attendant school does not matter.
The only exceptions for this are countries like Italy and Spain in Southern Europe which requires you to have a cabin crew license before being able to apply for a job. The majority of the countries does not have this requirement, though.

2. The airline will train you once you are hired

All airlines have specific needs and skills required from their cabin crew. This varies for all of them. This is why they provide their training for newly-hired personnel. This means that any training you have received prior may or may not be used at all once hired.

3. They are quite expensive

Attending flight attendant schools may cost some fortune for its students. Some of them can cost up to a thousand dollars. Aside from this, some of them also requires you to attend their classes for years. The investment you will entrust within these institutions is better of being put into developing your interpersonal and communication skills.

4. The hiring process for the cabin crew mostly depends on natural factors

For starters, airlines already have standard requirements for those applying to be part of their cabin crew. This includes minimum height, proportion, and skill in swimming. The only factors you can change is the number of languages you know, educational background, and a good health report. Attending a flight attendant school does not change these factors at all.

5. Difference in lessons

Attending flight attendant schools may even hurt your chances of entering an airline somehow. This is because most of them may teach specific skills for attendants that may be contrasting from those learned in the mentioned schools. They may ignore a candidate that has taken prior flight attendant schooling in fear of having a lengthier training period once they are accepted.

Becoming a flight attendant might be a dream for most teenagers; however, some people don’t have the privilege to study on a proper flight attendant training school. We hope this article brought hope for some individuals who wish to work as a flight attendant in the future without attending proper training.