Customer Service Jobs You can Use as a Stepping Stone to become a Cabin Crew

It’s not easy to become a cabin crew. Aside from the important qualifications, most airlines also have other restrictions such as being able to speak a few languages aside from English, being able to swim and whatnots. To be honest, sometimes, even though you have most of what they prefer it might not be enough.

You probably know a person or two who had experienced what it is like to be rejected just because they lack in other physical characteristics or prior job experience. It can be tough to accept, but you shouldn’t lose hope because there are still a lot of airlines out there. Maybe it’s just a matter of time.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia (Under CC)

Will I not be hired if I don’t have any experience?

Not necessarily, given the fact that there are some airlines that would love to welcome new cabin crews on board despite not having a prior experience. But as for the others, having a background about the customer service industry will be a win-win for the aviation company and the cabin crew.

If you’ve had a good experience in the same industry, the company can save time because there will no need to train you or give you a brief explanation about it. Furthermore, having experience will boost your chances of getting hired. Think of it as a person buying a medicine. Which one do you think he’ll buy: a new product on the market or the one which is already proven and tested to be effective? Did you see the difference?

You might be wondering, what kind of job should you take?


1. Hospitality

The easiest workplaces to get in are restaurants, cafes, hotels and more. As you work in a particular business, you’d acquire knowledge on how to deal with different types of customers and how to work well under pressure. Food businesses are busy most of the time and it will definitely help you to move quickly and efficiently.

2. Caring roles

You can also apply for health care and child care jobs. It will help you to be empathetic and understanding about the situation of elderly people and children, since they may be hard to deal with at times. By the end of the day, you’ll learn how to approach them in a different way.

3. Sales

If you’re planning to work in the customer service industry, you need to be prepared to deal with difficult passengers. There are some who might treat you bad or say offensive things, and you must not take them personally. By working in a sales position, you will exactly learn to ignore what the other people think or say about you.

4. Office-based

Team work is an important part of the cabin crew profession. When you’re in the aircraft, no one else will help you but your fellow crews. Working in an office-based position will help you adapt to your environment and learn how to build relationships with your colleagues. The administrative tasks might help you as well!


These are only a few ideas to help you kick start your career in the customer service industry. Are there any other jobs you’re thinking of that we forgot to mention? Share them with us!