15 Must-Have Qualities of Cabin Crews

Flight attendants or cabin crew are part of the aircrew responsible to ensure that you get an excellent journey during commercial flights. They are adamant about your safety and comfort as you travel by air. As a passenger, you owe them their dedication and commitment to get you the things that you best deserve.

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Every airline has its own standards and requirements in selecting and employing its cabin crew. Some dwell on physical qualities, while others are skills-based. Nevertheless, they want only the best to be part of their team.

Here are some important qualities and traits that flight attendants must have in order for them to work easily during their flight duty.

emirates airline cabin crew
Emirates Cabin Crew
Photo: Emirates Airlines

Important Traits of a Flight Attendant

If you are currently applying to be a cabin crew of a particular airline, one thing that you’d like to do the most is to impress the recruiter, right?

On a previous post, we’ve discussed the interview mistakes that will lessen your chances of being a cabin crew. And today, we will reveal the most important qualities you should possess. If you dream of becoming a part of the best cabin crew team, you ought to have these qualities:

1. Empathetic

Having the ability to understand and share the feelings of another is important for a cabin crew. Empathy is not exclusive to be shown towards passengers but to co-workers also. It is important that you are aware of the dispositions of your co-workers and be able to adjust to their circumstances. In this way, you are contributing greatly to ensure a smooth sailing flight.

Being empathic also means being genuine about your actions towards others. It is essential that you cultivate in yourself the genuine concern for other people’s welfare and to help them in the best way that you can. Passengers like it when they are sincerely given help, without exchange.

2. Customer Service Oriented

A good cabin crew carefully attends to the needs of the passengers. There are unavoidable situations that might happen, such as a passenger bursting out for a complaint, or when a problem arises unexpectedly. A cabin crew must be agile in responding to these situations and must be adaptable to think of the most appropriate action to solve the present problem.

Always remember to put the customers’ welfare above all things. In solving problems, present alternatives but let the customer decide which option is the most applicable and suitable to his liking.

3. Be Flexible and Adaptable

Airlines almost always have a tight schedule and being a cabin crew means being able to adapt to the rigor and stress that delayed flights may cause you, or when working conditions might be unfavorable. You may lack the time and resources to perform your duties, but you have to make them happen nonetheless.

The big question seems to be, “can you still make things work even when under pressure and unavoidable changes?”

If your answer to that question is yes, then congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a cabin crew. Remember not to think of negative circumstances as hindrances but rather as an opportunity to learn and mature from it.

united airlines flight attendants working
Image: United Airlines

4. Team Coordination and Communication

You are a “part” of a cabin crew, which means you don’t work by yourself. Keep in mind that you will work as a team most of the time. You must have the ability to keep up with your teammates and agree with things in order to keep things smooth.

Don’t assume that you will work by yourself. Get rid of the “I” mindset and embrace the “we”. In this way, you will emerge as an effective team member.

Communication is a must. Learn to develop effective communication with your team. Each person contributes to the team’s outcomes so make sure you communicate with each other very well.

5. Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness

As mentioned, you will be working with a team throughout your journey as a cabin crew. Your team might consist of multicultural identities. It is important that you demonstrate awareness and sensitivity in dealing with them. Not all cultures share the same ideals, and it is a big mistake to degrade other people just because they don’t have the same beliefs as yours.

Sensitivity to culture is not limited to your co-workers as you also deal with passengers with different nationalities. Giving them the best air travel includes being sensitive to their culture.

Culture and ideals might have a small impact on you but you have to consider these things quite strongly to perform your duties and work effectively for everyone’s welfare. Working with a diverse environment serves as an excellent opportunity for you to widen your knowledge about humanity and the cultures of the world.

6. Grace and Demeanor

Flight attendants carry the name of the airline company. You are part of the precious image the company has always protected and nurtured. You need to play your part.

Always keep yourself groomed and neat-looking. You are the face of the company and at the forefront of providing services. Take care of your nails and hair and always maintain proper posture. Keep yourself poised and graceful as you deal and interact with customers. A confident cabin crew earns the trust and respect of the passengers.

air north group photo cabin crew
Image: Air North

7. Organized and attentive to detail

Another must-have quality of a cabin crew is being organized and having attention to detail. A good flight attendant must have incredible organizational skills to maximize time for other tasks. It is also his duty to keep the workplace neat and organized for the passengers. Even the tiniest detail matter and have an effect on the company’s reputation.

You must be able to organize your daily life matters too so that you are able to be on standby whenever there are times that you may be asked to go to work. There are also time constraints of a flight that you should prioritize. Good organization skills will help you manage your time wisely.

8. Keep calm under pressure and be patient when things go wrong (e.g., delays)

One of the qualities of being a cabin crew is to keep calm under pressure and be patient when things go wrong (e.g., delays). This can be difficult, but it’s important in order for passengers not only to have an enjoyable flight experience but also one that leaves them satisfied with their airline company!

Cabin crew members need to be cool and calm under pressure, even when things go wrong. For example, there might be delays on the airplane because of bad weather or mechanical problems with one of its engines – but no matter what happens you have your job as a cabin crew member stay composed so everyone else can feel safe in their journey.

Passengers want to know that cabin crew is calm and patient when things go wrong. Passengers also need a logical, decision-making person in charge of their flight so they can be at peace with themselves during delays or other flights issues

9. Reliability and Independence

A cabin crew is required to perform their duties independently with little or no supervision. Performance of these tasks requires independence and self-reliance, which aren’t always easy qualities to come by in someone who has just started their career as an air traveler

A flight attendant’s work can be challenging at times; this is why it’s important for employees like you have good reliability or dependability so they know what needs doing when needed

10. Exceeding expectations

The very best airlines in the world don’t just expect you to meet the expectations of their passengers. An airline like Emirates isn’t voted Best Airline by simply doing what’s required for travelers because they go above and beyond every day! A cabin crew must exceed expectations on behalf of all those who fly with them, which is why we train hard so that your next flight will be one that makes everyone proud.

A cabin crew must go beyond the expectations of all those they fly with
The job description for a Cabin Crew is to exceed your most extravagant flights. You are there not just in name but also through supportive actions, friendly smiles and ensuring every passenger has an unforgettable experience onboard.

It’s important that when traveling abroad people feel safe even if something does go wrong which may happen from time to time due to accidents outside air pockets – this will ensure you have many returning customers who rave about their exotic vacation destination thanks largely in part thanks given by how much care was put into making certain things run smoothly during travel.

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11. Proper Time Management

As a cabin crew, you need to make sure that your time management is on point. You have different schedules and days of work so it’s important to manage your time wisely.

The cabin crew needs proper management given how many different schedules rhwyhave from being awake late into early morning hours every night while others only get 4-5 hours sleep per diem before heading out again with their own individual tasks ahead.

Take care of your body so you can function properly at work.

12. Presentable

A cabin crew must be presentable. After all, this is a customer-facing role and you should strive to make sure the client has nothing but positive experiences with them.

If someone has an unpleasant experience with one of our representatives because they looked unwell in uniform, then there could be negative feedback from other customers about how poorly the airline does business which would reflect badly on those working at headquarters too.

13. Problem-Solver

Despite all the exciting new situations that cabin crew might find themselves in, there’s one thing they should know: you always need a plan for any situation. You may be thrown into some pretty amazing and unusual circumstances but if not then just remember how important it is to stay calm and think through what your next move will be before acting on instinct alone!

As a cabin crew member, you will need to be good at problem-solving. You may find yourself thrown into new scenarios and encounter all sorts of obstacles on your journey but if this happens there’s nothing wrong with figuring out the best possible solution.

14. Good Physical Fitness and Health

As a cabin crew, you will face grueling hours at work and are tasked with being on your feet for extended periods of time. It is important that the pilots have good health so they can complete everything asked of them while in-flight as well as handle emergency situations should one arise midair.

As a cabin crew, the main job is to keep our passengers safe. You need to be physically fit for handling emergency situations in order not just to handle them but also to survive.

15. Can Manage Stress Effectively

A cabin-crew member’s day is not always picture-perfect. From dealing with angry passengers, trying your best in an emergency situation, or just standing at work all day long.

Cabin crews need to be able to manage stress given the number of stressful situations that can happen on board. They deal with many different pressures throughout their workdays that can lead them down paths towards mental issues like chronic anxiety or depression if not managed properly which is why I always make sure my routine includes meditation!

It’s good to have a stress-management routine to follow, whether it’s before or after work. The more relaxed you are while working in your job the less likely there will be any negative effects on your performance due to anxiety from stressful situations at hand–and who wants an airline with no one able to take care of flights?

If you’re a flight attendant, then it’s important to have an effective way of dealing with stress.

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Make it Count

Only a few percentage of cabin crews get shortlisted based on the basic requirements that the airline has given. If you are lucky enough to become a part of that small percentage, it means that you are given one last shot to land your dream job and earn your wings. Therefore, you need to give your best and answer the questions accurately.

You should become what the airline badly needs. You should possess the qualities as part of your strengths that will make the airline you’re working for stand out from the other ones because of their remarkable customer service.

cabin crew staff from Qatar Airways
Image: Qatar Airways


If your dream is to become a part of an elite cabin crew team, then you must possess some very specific qualities that will make the process easier.

If these requirements are met and fulfilled it can be quite possible for any person with enough motivation in themself; they’ll find themselves working as one those who serve on steamboat flights or even more excitingly – full time at airline companies!

How many of these qualities do you think you already possess? Know that it is never too late to develop a skill or characteristic!