Emirates Recruitment Process

Being a part of Emirates Airline’s cabin crew is hard. Every year, thousands of potential candidates apply for the prestigious airline in hopes of receiving a call-back inviting them to join the team. There are a lot of factors to consider before utilizing, including interpersonal skills, background, and ability to pass requirements.

Think you’re up for the task? This step-by-step guide will tell you each part of the process for you to finally join the Dubai-based airline.

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Step-by-step Guide on How to Become a Cabin Crew on Emirates

Complete process on how the Emirates recruit its cabin crew.

A. Initial requirements

Being a part of the cabin crew requires you to be as flexible and as long as possible. May it be reaching luggage placed high or serving trays of food, the model cabin crew must be ready for any situation. This is why there is a minimum requirement before being able to join the team.

  1. The candidate must be 21 years old at the age of application
  2. Must have graduated from Grade 12
  3. Fluent in English both written and spoken
  4. Physically fit with Body Mass Index (BMI) as reference
  5. Adaptable to different situations, people, and places
  6. No visible tattoos
  7. 160 cm height or taller

Aside from this, applicants are expected to embody the airline’s values and ethics. He/she must be professional, cosmopolitan, progressive, and empathetic. They must also be ready to take on a busy schedule.

B. Choosing your method of application

The airline continuously develops different ways to look for the best applicants. There are currently three ways to apply, including:

  1. Attending an Open Day
  2. Using online through OSM Aviation
  3. Applying online through Emirates Group Careers website

C. Filling out your application

There should be no problems concerning the form if you will answer all parts truthfully. These can be done online or personally during Open Days.

  1. The first step is to send your CV, where all background information and works can be seen. Submitting one that is arranged neatly and filled with the related background will improve your chances of being noticed.
  2. Filling your personal information is next. Basic ones like country of origin, contacts inside the company, and contact number will be asked. It is best to fill out every available box.
  3. Your work experience will also be asked. It is not a priority for the airline to look for experienced candidates as the age limit for the job is quite low. Any volunteer works or past employment may aid in your application, though.
  4. Your educational background will be asked. The exact date of enrollment and graduation is also included. You may also choose to include your certifications and awards for you to prove yourself further. It is not a necessity, though.
  5. Attaching a photo will be required for the employers to see your body better. Formal attire is recommended for them to be able to see how you will look in a uniform.
  6. A declaration that allows the airline to review your information will be shown for you to sign in. An e-signature will also be required.

D. Attending an Open Day

An Open Day is a scheduled event for airlines looking for new members for their crew. They can be set anywhere in the world. Short-listed candidates will be immediately notified within the day. You may be asked by the recruiter about your work experience, background, and dedication for the job.

This will then be followed by an Assessment Day for employees to get a better look of the applicant. Being invited for one does not necessarily get you the job, though. There is still the next step, which is the Final Interview.

E. The Final Interview

Nailing the Final Interview is the best way to secure the job. The competition for passing this phase is higher than the others. Interviews last about 30 minutes. Some interviews are done online through webcam. This is where you should shine the best. Tell the employers about all related skills, knowledge, and goals you have for the job.

If you are successful, the airline company will contact you to tell you the news. This will then be followed by a personality test, a medical examination, and then training for the actual job.

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