Video: Emirates Cabin Crew Life in the Sky

Here’s an exciting video about Emirates cabin crews and their lives in the skies. This is a great feature of flight attendants explaining their responsibilities of their specific duties.

It starts off with three crews (a Purser, a Senior Flight Steward “SFS”, and a Cabin Crew) sharing their insights about their jobs. How they make sure that their passengers are on the right flight during boarding time. They talk about their main objective which is to ensure that their customers go from Point A to Point B safely. They discuss how they undergo a world-class training program which includes safety, firefighting, service, medical, and even delivering a baby!

Check out the Emirates video below!

Cabin Crew Video of Working in Emirates Airlines

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the full video has been taken down. We will be updating this page once it will be published by the airlines themselves. For now, here’s a sneak teaser of the said feature.

Video Profiles: Anita – Purser, Rami – Senior Flight Steward, Alice – Cabin Crew

What we love best about the Emirates crew video is that they took real employees who shared some of the downsides of the job. This includes jet lag, adjusting to the weather in the new destination, and how their body clock has become non-existent. But like all careers, which job doesn’t have a downside? The positive message that they convey is that you should take care of your health.

Overall, these cabin crew staff still summarize the cabin crew opportunities and experiences as priceless. No other job can give the benefits that they are getting. “I have the best job in the world, and I would not change it for anything. I genuinely love my job.”, one of the crew said.

Kudos to the marketing department and the rest of the Emirates team and the rest of the that continue to create relevant videos that inspire others in this profession.

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