Emirates Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits

Much has been said about the Emirates cabin crew salary and benefits to its applicants. Just like Qatar Airways, their website is clear in sharing the package of being a flight attendant of Emirates Airlines (EK). To see a list of the Qatar Airlines flight crew package, please read here: Qatar Cabin Crew Benefits

Emirates cabin crew uniformWork for Emirates Airlines in the Middle East!

As for the salary and benefits of Emirates cabin crew and flight attendants, here’s a breakdown taken from their webpage here: Emirates Employee Benefits

Emirates Cabin Crew Flight Attendant Benefits
Competitive Tax Free Basic Salary – Monthly Starting Salary Dhs 3,915 or 1065.83 USD – This is only the basic salary so it’s already something. Don’t forget they also have allowances and flight pays. Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Salary has a different set-up because in their site, they said they pay about 1579 USD but that already includes other allowances.

Company Provided Accommodation – Having your own room is really something that every person is looking for and not only is this a room but it’s furnished company accommodation for a shared apartment.
emirates apartment
• Company Provided Transport/Transport Allowance – Well isn’t this the life? You won’t even have to worry about transportation costs because it’s already provided by the company! No other expenses except for food!

• Hourly Flying Pay – This is what I was talking about. Every time you work, you also get a flying pay.

• Annual Leave – You get 30 calendar days of leave in a year and you need to take it! What to do? Fly to any place you want!

• Leave Tickets – You even get free leave tickets to destinations approved by the company! Isn’t this grand?
emirates lodging
• Personal Life and Accident Insurance – This is a critical one, no need to apply for insurance once you work for Emirates Airlines as a cabin crew.

• Profit Share Scheme – Depending on the growth of the company based on the profit at the end of the financial year, you get a certain amount too. For this, I call the scheme as part of Bonuses.

• Medical and Dental Provision – This also is important so you just have work as a flight attendant and you get these benefits.

• End of Service Gratuity – Now would you look at this, so long as you render your contract till its end, you even get a premium as your last pay in Emirates as a flight service staff!
emirates crew training
• Concessional Travel – What I also like about this is that I can also share the airline ticket discounts to my immediate family who serve as my dependents. This is just an icing on a beautiful cake.

• Emirates Card – Getting an Emirates Group employee card will give you bonus discounts in over a hundred hotel, retail and leisure outlets so it’s a big privilege if you become a cabin crew attendant in Emirates.
This was definitely a handful! I didn’t think I’d stop with all the typing because of so many things in store if you become a flight deck crew in the Middle East. I hope to become employed in this leading airline company soon.

Emirates Benefits vs Qatar Benefits

Now the Questions is “Which Airlines is better? Emirates or Qatar?” Most people in cabin crew forums say that Emirates is the better employer than Qatar when it comes to benefits and salary. But one cannot really complain when you work in Qatar especially if you don’t have any flight attendant experience because the pay salary is still high.

We will tackle more about Qatar vs Emirates as employers in succeeding posts. For now, this let’s just focus this blog post about the Emirates Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits.


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