Emirates Recruitment Video

Here’s a video from Emirates about the life of a cabin crew for this prestigious airlines! The beginning of the clip shows different flight attendants from all over the world sharing their insights about the experience of being an employee of Skytrax 2013 world’s best airlines.

This is a great video as you will see the reality and not only the glamorous aspect of working in the aviation industry. It shows the different sides and challenges on what it takes to have this job. That it’s not all about travel and luxury; and that you have to ensure the safety of each and every passenger while still smiling and looking your best.

Emirates Open Day Video

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Based on the caption of the clip in YouTube, this is the video that is shown during the Open Day recruitment process. It gives you a glimpse about the career in the airline industry working as cabin crew for Emirates airlines.

The overview is very informational to educate every cabin crew applicant about the process of hiring this position and what to expect on your first step to Dubai. This also includes a tour of the training classes in the Aviation college as well as the cosmopolitan lifestyle in Dubai, UAE.

It is a very important infomercial because it’s not all about looking good. That security is always your number one priority. This is a very good revelation for those who want to build their career as a flight attendant. Enjoy the video!


By the way, here are some useful reads about the cabin crew hiring process. Please do note that these are just based on an actual interview process and these experiences are not written in stone. The airlines’ job hiring stages might change without the prior notice.