7 Common Misconceptions about Flight Attendants

There are many professions that get stereotyped and there is no exception when it comes to the aviation industry. Many people may regard flight attendants and pilots as glamorous and luxurious jobs because people tend to see the smiles, the lifestyle of travel and the overall package.

So it’s a bit of a challenge to change the perception of those who don’t have an idea of what cabin crews really do. Here we list some of the common misconceptions of flight attendants.

Cabin Crew 2 Long Hr (Under CC)
Cabin Crew 2 Long Hr (Under CC)

You Think You Know, You Have No Idea

Continue reading to know some of the most common mistaken beliefs people have about them.

1. Flight attendants’ principal job is to serve meals and beverages.

If you have noticed in a soap opera or a movie, most flight attendants would be seen giving out drinks and meals or helping the passengers put their bags in the compartment – which created a general assumption that it is really what cabin crews do. But it is NOT.

They instruct passengers on safety procedures, including the proper use of oxygen masks and seat belts. In addition, before the plane takes off, they make sure that all the necessary supplies are on board.

2. Cabin crews can upgrade your seat.

Some passengers assume that whenever there is an available seat, they can ask the attendant to transfer them to a nicer spot, or even to the business class! Unfortunately, they don’t have the authority to that. As a matter of fact, it is rare that the attendants themselves get an opportunity to sit down on an available seat.

3. Every airline gives free flights to cabin crews.

You’re probably thinking that one of the perks flight attendants get is the free airfare, but you’re mistaken. Not all airlines are the same.

Say, for example, most of the staff in Lufthansa can only get discounted flights.

Flight Attendant (Under CC)

4. Flight attendants head home after a flight.

In movies or commercials, flight attendants are portrayed to be going straight home right after a long flight – which is not always true. What most people don’t know is that, unless they work for a major airline, their job includes cleaning the aircraft. So please, think twice before leaving your trash under your seat or sticking a gum somewhere!

5. They have at least one lover in every city.

According to stereotypes, cabin crews have a lover in every country. Some even say that it is likely that one of them is dating the pilot. That’s ridiculous if you’d ask them!

6. They live a glamorous life.

Truth be told, cabin crews don’t get enough sleep or even eat on time. Most of the time, they are forced to stay cramped at a small workplace inside the aircraft on working hours.

7. All cabin crews are female.

Although there are a lot of female crews, male ones also exist!


Being a flight attendant is an awesome job. As a matter of fact, they have undergone pieces of training to hone their skills in terms of survival, firefighting, and even medical emergencies! Did you know that they also can perform CPR and deliver babies?

Every profession has its own challenges. No one can say that their job is pretty easy, right? Just like any other job, being a flight attendant doesn’t mean you get to enjoy a lavish lifestyle just because you wear nice uniforms.