8 Tips to Prepare You for Your Final Interview

Being invited to an interview for the dream job of your life can be totally nerve-wrecking. It gives you the chills and at the same time the excitement you have never felt before. If you give anxiety the upper hand to dominate you, you might just have to say goodbye at your chance of getting hired. Here we share some tips to help you prepare before you go to your interview.

Whether it’s being pooled in one hall together with aspiring applicants, or getting into a panel interview with other potential candidates, you need to get yourself prepared for the best and for the worst.

prepare for interview

What to Do Before Your Final Interview

It’s very important that you are prepared for the role so get some good rest and be mentally and physically ready for the big day where you have the opportunity to impress the recruitment team. Read below to know how to ace that cabin crew interview!

1. Gather information about the airline company

Like how any salesperson strives to have an adequate amount of product knowledge, an aspiring cabin crew applicant should also make an effort to know about the company being applied for.

During the interview, recruiters are most likely to ask about your knowledge of the company. By that time, you must have a back-up of information about how the company works and how it enforces some of its basic policies.

Learn also about their big achievements and what they’re famous for, as well as some routes they offer.

It is also important to know about their working culture and environment. You need to be aware of what you’re getting into, and whether you think you fit into it or not.

2. Talk to some professionals in the field

The best way to know how to ace a cabin crew interview is to learn from the person who has been through it. If you know someone who works as a cabin crew member, ask for some tips and suggestions. I’m sure it will be an honor for them to help one aspiring colleague.

Getting information from an expert will also give you a much more detailed scenario of what to expect in the industry. It gives you the assurance that you are indeed in the field that you desire.

3. Predict possible interview questions and practice

Preparing for an interview actually works just like how a student earnestly prepares for an upcoming exam. You need to get your guessing game on and predict possible questions that might come out during the interview.

The internet is plenty of sample interview questions that you can make use of. Call a friend to help and simulate an actual interview situation. Observe your actions and facial expressions throughout the simulation. Take note of the things that you think need to be fixed.

Quick reminder though: Do not memorize the answers to the questions you’ve practiced. Recruiters like genuine answers and are turned off by scripted and rehearsed answers.

4. Get some rest

A good night sleep before the interview day will definitely give you a boost. Aside from mentally preparing for the interview, your body also needs its rest to endure a day of nervousness and exhaustion.

Even when you’re too nervous and unable to sleep, tell yourself that it will all be over and that a good night’s rest is all that you need. There’s nothing better than waking up fully refreshed and prepared to take on the challenge of the day.

5. Prepare your CV

Your CV is an important part of your application. It is your first weapon as you apply for a job. Make sure to update your CV and put in the most recent and most important things worthy to note.

You may have submitted your CV online but recruiters might ask for a copy of it during the interview. You need to be prepared for it and show them that you have the initiative to bring one. Don’t forget to study your CV too just in case they check the facts that you provided.

6. Look nice and sharp

Your look serves as the first impression to the interviewers. They like to see you groomed and neat for the interview, because after all, a cabin crew must be pleasing to the sight.

Wear a nice business attire and watch out for your hair and hands. For women, keep your hair pulled back and avoid having it all over your face. Put some make-up on as well. Keep your hands moisturized too and nails trimmed. Your face and hands are the most exposed parts to the passengers so recruiters would like to take note of these things.

For men, wear a suitable coat over formal long sleeves. Jeans aren’t an option so make sure to wear sleek slacks that nicely fits. Fix your hair too and keep hands moisturized as well.

Tattoos and body piercings are not strongly preferred so it might be best to hide them away.

Your appearance matters and helps you exude the confidence that you need for the interview. Make sure you dress well for the occasion.

7. Come on time

If you have a scheduled interview already, make sure to cancel all other appointments that fall on the same schedule. You have to show the recruiter that you are taking this interview seriously and you do not treat it merely as an ordinary insertion to your busy schedule.

See to it that you arrive 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time. Arriving too early such as an hour before is a turn off for interviewers. They might be burdened to entertain you first or offer you beverages and such. Come not too early and not too late, but just enough for you to make last minute preparations for the interview.

8. Do not over-prepare

It sounds ironic to tell you not to over-prepare when in fact this post is to help you prepare, but it is actually a helpful thing to do.

It is good to prepare for your interview, but remember to put a bit of fun in it. You don’t want to appear dense to the recruiters, having every action rehearsed and practiced. Recruiters like it when you come as you are and comfortable throughout the interaction with them.

Keep yourself composed and graceful. Take everything in a light tone and show the recruiters that you are good in handling interactions and conversations with strangers. Show them that you’re not just up for the employment but also for the experience. Don’t forget to smile!

The job interview is definitely the highlight of your application. Take it seriously and make the necessary preparations. Keep these things in mind and ace that interview!

Trust me, you’re going to be the best cabin crew. Hold on to your dreams!