5 Common Answers to “Why Do You Want to Be a Cabin Crew?”

The cabin crew life is filled with adventure, travel, and the opportunity to meet new people. Not many jobs can offer that. But flight attendant applicants are often asked “Why do you want to become a cabin crew?” To help answer this question, we have compiled some tips on how to respond in your interview.

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Before you blurt out anything unnecessary, it is important that you are aware of the job responsibilities of being a flight attendant. After all, you applying for this job is not about you just fulfilling your dreams, it is about being able to perform the job and its functions.

why do you want to become a flight attendant

How to Answer: “Why do you want to become a Flight Attendant?”

Make sure you understand the role cabin crew have on a flight. Are they serving food and drinks? Do cabin crew help passengers deplane? How do cabin crews assist during an emergency situation? Knowing this information will give you examples of how to answer the question “Why do you want to become a cabin crew?”

So here are the top and safest answers to this common question:

I want to become a cabin crew because I want to Travel.

This is probably the most common reason for applicants. If cabin crew members want to travel the world and make a difference in culture, they should use this as their reason.

Cabin Crews enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures all around the world by working with an airline company that travels through many countries. Working for cabin crew will allow me to see places I have never seen before while making money

I enjoy interacting with people of different cultures and personalities and I am good at that.

This is a good reason for cabin crew members that are people-person. Cabin Crews interact with multiple types of passengers on a daily basis and need to be able to provide excellent customer service while keeping their customers safe during the flight. Cabin Crew must have good communication skills in order to respond properly when there is an emergency on board or if something goes wrong

Every day working as a cabin crew is a different experience.

After all, no two flights are the same since you will be traveling to a different location, dealing with different passengers, and more. It is good especially if you easily get bored working in the same place, with the same people, doing the same things all the time.

You get to see different countries and cultures. One cabin crew flight might take you from New York City to Paris while another cabin crew flight can bring you back home, over the Atlantic Ocean. Every cabin crew takes passengers on board flights that are headed for other exciting cities around the world, each with unique culture and food!

A cabin crew job offers a good salary and great benefits.

Obviously, cabin crew members get to travel and see the world for free. They also enjoy a good salary with lots of benefits such as medical insurance, paid vacation leaves, flight allowance, accommodation allowance. Depending on the airline, you can get transportation allowance and even free uniform laundry dry-cleaning!

Probably one of the best perks about the job is the unlimited discounted flight tickets. After all, it’s great if you get a 90 percent discount of a flight ticket you would normally pay if you were to travel on a regular basis.

Working as a flight attendant is a stepping stone to build my career.

It will allow me to learn different aspects of the cabin crew and airline industry. The job challenges me every day as there is always something new that comes up unexpectedly. Another reason why becoming a cabin crew sounds like your dream job? It can help improve your CV as well as increase career opportunities down the line

You will learn a number of skills if you work as a cabin crew. Some of these skills include:

-Customer service skills
-Teamwork and Collaboration
-Communication Skills
-Conflict Management

and most importantly, how to deal with difficult customers! In addition, cabin crews have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. If you are able to adapt quickly under pressure then this is definitely for you.

So these are the best ways to answer the question “Why do you want to become cabin crew?” in an interview. We hope you have learned something from these tips and you can expound further on why these reasons suit you best.

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