7 Interview Mistakes that will Decrease your Chances of being a Cabin Crew

Interviews can really be nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first time or if the recruiter appears to be quite intimidating for you. Sometimes, despite of your hard work and efforts in preparing for your upcoming interview, you can’t blame yourself if you suddenly became nervous about it. It’s normal, and you shouldn’t overthink it at all.

Did You Fail the Interview because of Your Answers?

Although it might be possible for some, completely failing to get the job isn’t only about what you’ve given as your answer to the recruiter. Sometimes, it is the little things that you didn’t give importance to such as your unorganized CV, and more.

To avoid such thing to happen, here are the interview mistakes that will decrease your chances in landing on your dream job:

  1. Arriving Late at the Venue

Here’s a thing: in every job, no employer would want to hire someone who couldn’t be punctual at work. Remember that you are applying for the position of the cabin crew, and airplanes usually leave exactly on the time during flight unless a certain circumstance arises. Of course, you should be as early as you could during the interview to make your recruiter feel that you are really looking forward to the interview and that you’re actually interested with the job.

  1. Inappropriate Attire

Sure, you would want to impress your recruiter about your proportioned physique but remember that what matters more than your body is your professionalism. For your interview, you should wear conservative yet elegant business attire. If you aren’t sure of what to wear for your interview, you might want to check a previous article which will help you choose your best style for the assessment day or interview.

  1. Forgetting to Bring your Documents

Before you go to your interview, you should always double check your things – most especially the documents that you need for the event such as a copy of your CV, your pictures or portfolio. You will absolutely lose points if you tell the recruiter that you forgot to bring what she asked, and she will most likely assume that you aren’t prepared at all. Yikes!

  1. Unimpressive Body Language

The recruiter should not only feel that you are highly interested with the position, but it should be visible as well through your gestures. For example, remember not to sit without being told to do so and also try to give a firm – not tight – handshake.

If in case you become nervous during the interview, maintain eye contact and don’t lose your smile. Doing otherwise while imply that there is a tendency for you to do the same if you get hired, and the recruiter doesn’t like that.

  1. Short Responses

There will be some questions answerable by yes or no, but you shouldn’t keep your answer as short as two letters.

Example: if the hiring manager asked if you really did work at a hotel, try not to respond with yes only. Instead, give something like, “Yes, I’ve been a part of ABC Hotel for three years as a Customer Relations Officer. I was assigned to attend to the guests’ inquiries and concerns, if any.” Take note also that you shouldn’t badmouth your previous workplace while you’re at it!

  1. Giving Out Too Much Information

If in case the recruiter asked why you want to become a cabin crew, try to give an accurate response rather than telling them a whole story like how your cabin crew friend hops on one city or another and how she can still do some shopping while at work! Provide only the details which are relevant to you and the position you are applying for. Keep it professional.

  1. Asking about the Salary

Say, you’ve successfully passed the initial questions, don’t initiate a conversation about salary all by yourself. Wait until the recruiter himself/herself brings it up and give you an offer. Since you said that your goal is to provide a quality service to the passengers, it would create a conflict if you imply that you give huge importance to the compensation.

The interview is the most crucial part of your application as the answers you will give can either make or break you, so remember to choose your words carefully to avoid being misinterpreted. Just take note of these interview mistakes so you can avoid losing points!

Best of luck to you!