How to Answer: What Do You Expect From Your Supervisor?

There may be instances when an airline company recruiter may ask you what you would normally expect from your supervisor. This question is designed to reveal several things about the applicant. It can give insight into their communication style with their superiors. It demonstrates whether they’re a good fit for the company culture. It also allows the employer to examine if they align with the leadership ideology of the company.

As a member of the cabin crew, you should expect your supervisor to be a leader, mentor, and support system. They should provide guidance and assistance when needed. The supervisor should also ensure that the rules of the airline are followed plan flight schedules, assign tasks for the crew members, ensure safety protocols are met, and review performance reviews.

This doesn’t mean that you should rely solely on your supervisor for guidance and feedback. Flight attendants should also be self-motivated to stay informed of updates and changes in the industry, including safety regulations, customer service protocols, and product knowledge.

Here we share some tips on how you can craft a good answer in the event that you will be asked this question during an interview.

what do you expect from your supervisor

Why is the Airline Company Recruiter Asking This Question?

If a recruiter is asking you this question, they are assessing if you can work independently, and understand that the supervisor’s role is to provide guidance and support. Additionally, they want to see what kind of expectations you have on your superiors or colleagues in regard to their responsibilities.

Flight attendants normally report to a supervisor during a duty flight. Therefore, it is important for the employer to know that this individual is capable of managing their expectations without relying on their supervisor for every detail.

By inquiring into what the applicant expects from a supervisor, the airline company recruiter wants to determine how well the applicant can communicate their needs and thrive under a leadership hierarchy. The aim is to determine whether the applicant is capable of having constructive conversations with their leaders to fix problems, change their work style, or adapt to new situations. It is an important question to establish whether the individual would be a good fit for the role and the company culture.

Variations of the Question

This question may manifest in several ways. Alternative forms include,

  • “What kind of support do you expect from your supervisor?”
  • “Describe your ideal working relationship with a supervisor.”
  • “What qualities do you expect from your manager?”
  • “How do you think a supervisor should help you perform your job better?”
  • “How do you work with your supervisors?”
  • “Can you explain how you actively seek feedback from your manager?”

Step-by-Step Procedure to Answering the Question

Here are some tips to help you prepare an effective answer when asked this question.

1. Acknowledge the importance of having a good relationship with the supervisor: Begin your answer by emphasizing how important it is for flight attendants to maintain a positive working relationship with their superiors.

2. Explain what type of traits you look for in a supervisor: Share the characteristics you seek in a supervisor, such as leadership skills, guidance, and support.

3. Highlight what roles supervisors should have: Outline the duties they should fulfill, such as providing direction and feedback on performance reviews.

4. Demonstrate your self-motivation to stay knowledgeable of industry changes: Show that you understand the importance of staying up to date with new rules, procedures, and customer service updates.

5. Demonstrate how you can have constructive conversations: Explain that you are capable of having productive dialogues with your supervisors when needed to address any issues or concerns.

By providing a well-thought-out answer to this question, you can show the interviewer that you understand the value of having a supportive supervisor and can handle the duties expected of a flight attendant.

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Sample Answers to the Question: What Do You Expect from Your Manager?

This is an important question to answer as it will help set expectations between you and your supervisor, and ensure that the airline company makes the right decision in hiring the right candidate for the job.

Please make sure to position your answer and direct it toward the improvement of the business. Because this is really not about you and what you want, but how aligned you are to keep the business going. Here are some sample answers.

  • “I expect my manager to provide leadership, guidance, and support to ensure I am working at the highest level of expertise. I also look for constructive feedback that will help me grow professionally in order to meet customer service demands as well as corporate expectations.”
  • “A good supervisor should always take an active interest in understanding their employees’ job roles and performance levels so they can offer appropriate guidance when needed. I would appreciate it if my manager kept me up to date with industry changes and gave timely feedback on my performance reviews.”
  • “I expect a supervisor who provides clear direction, open communication, and fair evaluation of my work. I would also like them to help foster an environment where I can ask questions and give suggestions for improvement that will benefit the entire team.”
  • “While the airline industry has its stress and pressures, I expect my supervisor to lead by example, set the tone with positive reinforcement, and provide constructive feedback. Fairness and consistency are essential, and I would like my supervisor to be approachable and willing to communicate transparently.”
  • “I expect my manager to be supportive and provide clear direction on what is expected of me. Also, a good supervisor will set goals, evaluate me, and provide meaningful feedback regularly. They should help me to excel within my job and have a positive impact on morale.”
  • “I look for a supervisor who is patient, collaborative, supportive, and always encourages the best work from me. I would expect them to provide transparent and empathetic communication regarding any issues and daily job expectations.”
  • “I expect my manager to give honest feedback, whether it is positive or negative, so I can improve the way I handle certain tasks/projects at work.”
  • “I would want a supervisor who communicates freely with me, who is honest about the situation, the goals that we have, and the boundaries that we have to reach those goals.”
  • “I expect my supervisor to be motivating and provide a sense of direction while being able to help create and improve strategies. They should also be open to feedback from me so that we can work together as a team.”

If you really want to get a job as a flight attendant, you should understand the values of the company and align those values in your answer with your own. Demonstrate that you understand the importance of a successful working relationship between yourself and your supervisor and provide answers that reflect these values. Through this answer, you can also show that you are eager to learn and grow within the job role.

Tips for Answering This Question

Here are some tips and reminders when answering this question:

  • Avoid using negative language or controversial perspectives.
  • Do not over-communicate.
  • Be honest about your expectations without being unrealistic.
  • Highlight your flexibility and adaptability when dealing with different scenarios.
  • Give examples from your work history to demonstrate your points.
  • Do not come across as placing excessive emphasis on rewards or monetary compensation.
  • Ensure your response is relevant and tailored to the company culture.

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing to Answer the Question

If you are still struggling to come up with an effective answer, here are some questions that you can ask yourself for preparation:

  • What have been the most important qualities of your previous supervisor?
  • What is your communication style and what kind of environment do you prefer working in?
  • What values do I need my supervisor to hold?
  • What communication style do I require from a supervisor?
  • What kind of support do I need to succeed in my job?
  • What approach works best to collaborate with my manager to achieve company goals?
  • What are the most effective ways for my supervisor to provide feedback or constructive criticism?

Examples of Bad Answers

While there are some good answers, please don’t ever give out these weak answers:

  • “I need my supervisor to be my best friend and look after me.”
  • “I expect my supervisor to do all the work for me.”
  • “I want my supervisor to make sure I get a promotion soon.”
  • “I don’t think I should have a boss at all. I prefer working independently and managing myself based on my achievements and results.”
  • “I would appreciate it if my supervisor could give me promotions and raises frequently.”
  • “Honestly, I don’t care how my supervisor behaves towards me as long as I can earn enough money.”
  • “I’m expecting my supervisor to let me make all the decisions regarding my work, without any input or direction.”

The above terrible answers are selfish and show a lack of understanding of the importance of having a cooperative relationship between yourself, your supervisor, and your employer. Don’t answer them as this will show weakness.

Video: What Qualities Do You Look for from Your Supervisor?

Here’s a video clip where they discuss a simple yet effective answer to this question.

The key takeaway from the video is, to be honest with yourself. If you, yourself, do not understand what you need from your supervisor, how can you answer this question confidently? You also want to make sure that the qualities and expectations you have for a supervisor are reasonable and achievable.


The question, “What do you expect from your supervisor?” is an opportunity for flight attendant applicants to demonstrate their leadership potential and ability to work within a hierarchy effectively. When you provide a well-crafted response that highlights your communication style, essential needs, and company culture fit, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

By understanding yourself, setting realistic expectations, and aligning those expectations with the values of the company, you can provide an effective response to this question and demonstrate your readiness to be a successful flight attendant.