Interview with Cabin Crew Jessica Wahlberg

Hi everyone! This is already our fourth cabin crew profile feature! Up next we talk to Jessica Wahlberg who shares her experience working in a premier airline in Scandinavia. Based on her responses, it shows that Jessica values a great working relationship with colleagues.

She also gives good tips about the cabin crew profession. To those who want to become flight attendants, one takeaway from this interview is that you should LOVE SERVICE. Check out the rest of our feature below!

Cabin Crew Profile: Interview with Jessica of

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  • Can you tell us more about yourself?

    Me! Originally from a small town outside Gothenburg. Moved at 18 and went to study economics and marketing in Halmstad. After a while I felt I wanted adventure so I took a job as a travel rep and worked abroad for about 2 years.

    After that I felt like going home and as I used to joke – I wanted to see the guest for 2 hours not 2 weeks! Hence, I applied for the job as a Cabin crew.

    Where is your airlines based?

    My airlines is a company that is Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. I love that it is, because I love working with 3 different nationalities. We are 3 countries who is very similar in both languages and ways of thinking. It is the biggest airline in Scandinavia.

  • How did you become a cabin crew? How many times did you apply?

    I applied when I was 24 when I heard about an opening for a flight attendant post. I got a call from the airlines and had an interview with them. The funny thing during the interview was that by accident I said “I’m so happy for getting this job!” I was so embarrassed when I realized the error and quickly corrected myself by adding “IF I GET IT OF COURSE!” I guess they liked me because they called for a second interview. A couple of days after, I was told I had the job.

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  • Why did you apply for this job? – Based on your answer, were those goals justified?

    I saw it like a new adventure but also a chance to get a base for myself. Heading out but always coming home, instead of living abroad like I did as a rep.

  • What’s the best thing about the job?

    I always loved working in customer service and the cabin crews in my airline are my kind of people! I have so much fun every day that it makes the long hours of working worth it.

  • What’s the worst/hardest thing about the job?

    Some of my colleagues want to come home every day but I think it’s ok to be away for a few days; because then I get more free days together. Like being away almost 5 days to get 3 days of instead of only 2 days.

  • What were common misconceptions that you found out about cabin crews? Were those misconceptions proven right or wrong?jessicaslivskvalite

    I didn’t have any expectation’s because I had no idea what the job was really about. I guess other people had the idea that we where always away on stops in sunny countries with an umbrella drink in our hands. But it’s not the case as it involves a lot of working for the safety of our passengers.

  • Any favorite place/s that you always visit in your flights?

    When I am away I have a lot of favorite stops, it depends of the mood I’m in. Bangkok is a favorite, but I also like Warsaw (good shopping and nice food). Also, I also order my favorite dish at the Cheesecake Factory in Chicago!

  • What are your tips to cabin crew applicants?

    For the last 2 years I have been working as a mentor and I’ve been meeting a lot of the new recruits. If you want to apply as a cabin crew my tips for you is to always show respect to your colleagues. Be humble, have a great sense of humor, and love service. You must have that innate ability to go that extra mile in customer service and take pleasure doing it! :)

  • How long are you planning to stay in this job? Any plans of transferring to another airline?

    I hope I can stay for at least 5 more years because I still love it! My current airline is my one true love and I don’t think I would like to work at another airline, but I should never say never! :)

    What motivates you to keep working?

    When people ask me why I love my work so damn much, it’s not because of the stops or the salary, it’s because of my colleagues! We are almost 1500 cabin crews in our base. Of course I don’t know all of them, but it doesn’t matter because when we are on that same flight we share secrets, gossip and jokes! :)

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  • Connect with Jessica:

    • Blog: – in Swedish
    • Instagram: jessica_83a

*Photos provided by Jessica.


Thank you so much for your time and for this interview, Jessica!

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