Cabin Crew Vacancies

I had a conversation with my employer about cabin crew vacancies and why I’ve always wanted to be in the airline industry as a Qatar flight steward or Etihad cabin crew.
I told him that ever since I started traveling around the country during my days off and during my vacation leaves, I have gotten another sense of direction because the world has opened my eyes to what it has to offer. Life is too short to be stuck doing everything in an office cubicle.

Jet Airways Cabin CrewJet Airways Cabin Crew

Why don’t I just do well with my job in the office while I pursue other passions in life? I told him that this is my main goal because this is something I haven’t done. Being a Qatar airline cabin crew or an Emirates cabin crew is what I need in order to work for a living and also fly for a living. I’ll be hitting two areas with one career.

Cabin Crew Vacancies and Careers

Although I admire the people who work in the office, I’m still at a point wherein I want to see other cabin crew vacancies in Qatar or in the Middle East. I can also apply as an Emirates flight attendant, whichever is available the soonest.
As of the moment, I am still waiting for job postings as a Qatar flight attendant. In the Emirates Airlines website, they also haven’t posted any job updates for Open Days Recruitment in my country. I can’t wait anymore and I want to know if there are openings and other cabin crew vacancies.
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