10 Relatable Habits You Adapt as a Flight Attendant

When you are doing a particular routine repeatedly for most days, you start to get to used to it so much that you could already do it while asleep! You suddenly adapt habits that you don’t really do back then. There are unpleasant habits, but most of them are good and funny as well!

Adapting Habits Unconsciously

It also happens while you’re at work. For call center agents, they say their spiels thousands of time everyday that they sometimes say it while answering a personal phone call! It’s usually the same case for cabin crews – they adapt certain work habits or skills without knowing at all! So, sit down, relax, and have a good laugh with the relatable habits that most cabin crews have adopted!

  1. You can stand for a long time, even while eating a meal!

Cabin crews rarely get the chance to sit during a flight, regardless if the airplane is full or not. In connection with this, you’ve already trained yourself to stand for long hours that you can easily survive waiting in the long lines! Easy, right?

  1. You always look for a seatbelt inside the cinema.

3. You don’t know what day of the week it is.

Generally, airlines don’t include the day of the flight as it is usually indicated by date. Sure, you can tell what date is today, but when you are asked about the day of the week, you’d probably say: “Let me check!”

  1. You know very well how to use the 24-hour clock.

Most people are accustomed to the 12-hour clock that when they are given a time using a 24-hour clock, they’d have to convert and count it first. However, airline crews can use and understand the 24-hour clock effortlessly!

  1. You can tell even from a huge distance if a luggage will fit in the overhead bin.
  2. Unpacking is not in your vocabulary.

For international cabin crews, rarely stay in one city which is why it is necessary to have a set of clothes ready on-the-go especially during unexpected flights.

  1. You don’t call cities by their names but through airport codes.
  2. Staying the night at a 5-Star Hotel isn’t exciting anymore.

Airlines usually provide for the cabin crews’ accommodation during layover flights, which is why staying at a classy hotel is very much normal for you by now. But then, if you’re lucky, you could meet a celebrity at the hotel so there’s still something to be excited about!

  1. There are a lot of currency notes from different countries in your wallet.

A lot of people prefer to collect souvenirs from shops during their stay. But since, cabin crews don’t have much time to explore the city and look for a souvenir; they usually keep the currency note instead. It’s priceless!

  1. You are grateful for being able to stay at home all day.

True, cabin crews rarely stay in one place. It can be all sad and lonely sometimes, which explains why there are some who feels homesick. Being able to have a nice chat with your family during your day-off is truly the best feeling the world, isn’t it?

Now, admit it: how many times have you nodded your head? What other habits have you picked up from being a cabin crew? Share your sentiments with us!