Money Saving Tips for Cabin Crews

Cabin crews rarely stay in a particular city. Given that your job requires you to fly across the globe, there will be a lot of temptations that you won’t be able to avoid such as delicious food, limited edition collectibles, and exclusive clothes that would one day lead you to excessive buying or getting things you don’t really need.

If you don’t do something to stop yourself from pulling out your wallet every single time, you won’t be able to build your own savings that you’ll need to acquire things such as a house or a vehicle of your own.

Image Credit: Vuonganh0290 under Wikimedia Creative Commons

Shopping May Be a Part of a Cabin Crew’s Life…

Sure it is. Shopping can be therapeutic as it can get loneliness out of your mind for a while. However, you don’t really need to shop just so you can enjoy your life and your job. There are a lot of alternatives you can resort to that doesn’t cost you a fortune.

  1. Replace your luxurious spa treatment for a walk in the park

Instead of booking an expensive spa treatment to be relaxed, why not opt for a walk in a nearby park or go sightseeing at a museum? Aside from the fact that you’ll be able to enjoy a foreign environment, it wouldn’t cost you a dime or would be cheap in case there’s an entrance fee. Relaxing is not only done through luxurious pampering, you know.

  1. Ask before you buy

There are a lot of shopping malls that offer crew discounts, so before you decide to buy that shoes, try to ask first. Or if in case they don’t give price cuts, try to visit other stores to see if one of them offers the same shoes for a lower price.

  1. Focus on your savings

                If you have a certain goal that you’d like to achieve in the long run, use it as a motivation to end your excessive splurging. Say, if you wish to treat your family for a vacation, think of it whenever you are about to buy something you don’t really need!

  1. Set a budget

During your free time, set a particular limit on the total amount of money you’re allowed to spend for the day. Of course, you are allowed to have a little more allowance in case of emergencies but try not to spend it if there isn’t a need to do so.

  1. Track your receipts

Whenever you purchase something, always ask for a receipt and keep it in a safe place. At the end of the week, add everything up. Sure enough, you’ll feel bad after realizing how much money just flew from your hands.



Budgeting is everyone’s problem. If you don’t make an action to do it right, time will come that you’ll see that your hard-earned money has gone quickly before you could even realize.