Qatar Cabin Crew Golden Call

This is part two my open day experience with Qatar Airways last June 11, 2011 in France. There was a recruitment hiring in Paris and I was ecstatic to finally apply as a Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways. You can view the full account of my story as a time line in this blog entry:

My Qatar Open Day Experience – First Part on my application as a cabin crew for Qatar AirwaysQatar Cabin Crew Golden Call

So this is the continuation of that flight attendant crew process. After I left the hotel where the recruitment officers told me to just wait for a call.

Cabin Crew Golden Call

The ‘Golden Call’ has actually been a term in the cabin crew industry as the call that you receive after you’ve gone through a particular process in the application as a flight attendant. This is normally used towards the end of the application procedure but is already a common term in Cabin Crew language.

Anyway, I went out in order to have fun because I didn’t want to concentrate too much on the phone call or message from the Qatar staff. I was done preparing myself for the open day and it was enough tension so I had to think of something to rid my mind off the experience. Hence, I watched a movie and strolled around Zone Hoteliere in order to get busy.

5pm was the most  that they said they’ll contact us and since I still had a few hours, I went straight home in order to get some sleep as I was so tired already with all the waiting. I didn’t realize that I was so exhausted at the time.

golden phone call cabin crewwaiting for a call from Qatar for my cabin crew application

But before I slept, I made sure that my phone was in full bar mode and on. I didn’t want a simple error to cause any big mistake in the future. I slept right away due to exhaustion in the Qatar open day.

It was already 7pm when I woke up. Then did I realize that there were no missed calls on my phone, no text messages even.  I already concluded the sad reality…

I did not receive the golden call from Qatar Airways.

I proceeded to going back to sleep since I lost a number of hours just for this Qatar Open Day Experience.

It was a total bummer and I was not happy about it. I knew I needed some time in order to recover. I tried not to let it get the better of me. Of course, I didn’t rejoice, but I preferred not to dwell on it despite the big blow to my ego. Oh well, I know there are a lot more people who have gone through worse experiences so I just took this opportunity as a lesson.

Not Losing Hope

I haven’t lost hope despite the rejection. I’ll do better next time. I just hope there will be more chances in my region because I don’t want to fly to another part of France just to apply again on the open day in Qatar Airways. Good luck to the rest of the applicants though! You are not alone.

Photo source: lifeprobabilities, looneytunes09