My Qatar Open Day Experience

After waiting for over a year to apply as a cabin crew in Qatar Airlines, I finally had the opportunity to attend their recruitment event on June 11, 2011 in Paris, France in another region. I had to book ticket flights and file my vacation leaves in advance just for this event. That’s why to my readers, I would like to share to you my Qatar Open Day experience.

qatar open day photo
What happens in an Open Day for Qatar Cabin Crew

Qatar Open Day Recruitment Campaign in Paris, France
June 11, 2011
Millennium Hotel Paris CDG
Zone Hoteliere, 2 Allee du Verger 95700 Roissy en France

Qatar Open Day Recruitment Story

5am – I couldn’t sleep because of being overly excited at the fact that I’ll be chasing my dreams in a couple of hours.

6am – I did some rounds by exercising just to have something better to do before the big Qatar Open Day.

6:30am – I took a shower and got dressed. I put on my business suit and I felt like a cabin Open Day Qatar Airwayscrew already!

7am – I hailed a cab just to make sure that everything is well into place. I didn’t want to ride a bus to commute because I wanted to have a calm and fresh face when I meet the Qatar Recruitment officers for the big Open Day hiring.

7:30am – I arrived early but there were already a lot of people there! Everybody all looked professional with their suits and ties and coats and hair neatly combed.

8am – We were all lining up while waiting for the 9am schedule. While waiting, there were two people who were from an agency that were filtering out the candidates (at the time there were about 300 flight attendant applicants waiting for a chance at this flight steward position).

Strict 21-Year Old Age Requirement

They were pretty strict when they called out the people who were turning 21 years old within the year. They were all sent out as the minimum age is only 21. The staff from the agency advised them to leave their resumes and just come back once they’re of the right age. It was tough even for one of my seatmates when he went out because he was about to turn 21 within two months.

Arm Reach Test

We were all sent out in order to perform an arm reach test. This is to determine iOpen Days Qatarf all the cabin crew candidates are able to reach the minimum Arm Reach requirement which is 212 cm. They had this masking tape plastered on the wall and I asked how high it was.

Pardon me if I’m too conscious about this simple height exam but I’m not a tall person. I was one of the shortest there so it was really nerve-wracking to see those who weren’t able to reach that height.

When it was my turn, I’m glad I was able to reach a few inches beyond the 212cm arm reach requirement.

9am – There were only two recruitment officers from Qatar Airways who were there and they gave us a briefing on what was going to happen. We were simply going to submit our CVs to them and then we’ll wait for a call within the day.

9:45 am – I was already next in line and I gave my best when I walked to the Qatar Officer. She asked me a few questions during that brief encounter.

Questions Qatar Asked on the Open Day

These are the only questions that the Qatar Recruitment Officer Lady asked me:

How are you?
What are you currently doing?
How old are you?

After that, I brought my things and went out of the hotel so I could go home and rest.

The people from Qatar said that most likely, they will call us within 5pm.

Photo credit: fa-mommy