Etihad Airways Has No Open Day?

Etihad Airways is one of the airline companies in the Middle East that is also at par with Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines. However the issue is prevailing as of the moment on if Etihad Airways has no open day or so.There has been much research on the cabin crew position in Etihad Airlines if they even have an Open Day recruitment process the same as that of the two other airline companies that were mentioned.

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Application Process

It seems that the cabin crew application process of Etihad Airlines can only be found online. Any nationality can apply online and you can be shortlisted for the Assessment Day but they don’t seem to have any Open Day available.

Taken from the Etihad Airways Website, here’s a sample list of Assessment Day Schedules for 2011.

June 2011 – Assessment Day for Etihad Airlines Flight Attendants

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dublin, Ireland
Manchester, UK
Berlin, Germany
Tallinn, Estonia
Bratislava, Slovakia

July 2011 – Assessment Day for Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Position

London, UK
Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium
Helsinki, Finland
Abu Dhabi, UAE

No Open Day for Etihad Airways

It seems that the Etihad Airways do not conduct Open Days; instead, they have Assessment Days. So your best bet for now is to apply online and pray to be shortlisted as one of the candidates for the cabin crew position. Unlike the information posted in the Qatar website and the Emirates website, Etihad isn’t very clear with the benefits and packages that are available. However, let us search for more information on the salary of Etihad employees. We will keep you posted for more updates.

So for now, what you can do if you want to apply for Etihad Airways as a cabin crew is to just wait. You simply have to fill the necessary details online and wait for any news.

Limited Assessment Day Destinations for Etihad Airlines


With the schedules that are posted online, there are also limited assessment day locations that the Etihad Airlines is conducting. So if ever you get shortlisted, you need to go to these countries in order to be considered. But that is not even a guarantee that you will get the job. It’s a big risk especially with money since most of the destinations are too expensive even to book a flight on. Good luck if you do take the risk of applying as a flight attendant in Etihad.

Based on my research, it is still best to wait for the Open Days recruitment schedule for Qatar Airways and Recruitment Open Days for Emirates Airlines. The chances are bigger and it won’t be as much costly.

We are pleading to the airline industries though, if they want to have multinational cabin crew, to spread and reach out to more countries if they want to continue expanding their network to more places. Prove us wrong that Etihad Airways Has No Open Day and make the application process as global as possible.