Qatar Airways Hire Male Cabin Crew

Just when I posted about Qatar Airways not hiring any male flight attendant in one of my previous posts (No Male Cabin in Qatar Airways), there has been a posting about how Qatar Airways Hire Male Cabin Crew on an Open Day. In that previous article, I discussed how in some cases, the Qatar Airlines web site posted job hiring recruitment for flight attendants in different destinations.

Most of the time, they post Open Days in countries and usually just include Male cabin crew aspirants in some countries. Usually they would just provide a posting for women in most cases and just post an Open Day for both male and female in few other destinations.

 Do you see any male cabin crew in Qatar?

Male Cabin Crew Open Day for Qatar Airways

However, upon checking one of the recruitment hiring for Qatar Cabin Crew in Asia, there is an exclusive opening for male cabin crew in Manila, Philippines on June 4. Yes, this site was proven wrong when Qatar Airlines is showing that they are hiring male flight steward positions. Based on the Qatar website, here is a screenshot of an Open Day for recruitment for men flight attendants only.

qatar male cabin crew
Cabin Crew Hire Exclusive for Gentleman Aspirants!

Qatar Open Day on June 4, 2011
Diamond Hotel, Philippines

One Year Fixed Term Contract for this Qatar Cabin Crew Posting

Somehow, the male cabin crew seemed to good to be true. Indeed it is! Upon further checking, they are only opening the job position for a one-year fixed-term contract. This means that any male cabin crew who will be hired on this open day says that the contract will expire in one year. There is no guarantee that it will be renewed after the time frame.

Oh well, I guess this is better news than no news for male hires for flight attendants at all, right? So long as the aspirant will get the opportunity to show his worth, this is already good enough. Knowing that there is an opening is already a happy sight to behold. Hopefully, this contract will only be temporary once a flight steward is able to prove his worth. At least we were able to prove that the airline company Qatar Airways Hire Male Cabin Crew after all.

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