Cabin Crews Revealed the Weirdest Requests Passengers have ever Asked

Passengers have a lot of common misconceptions about cabin crews. They mostly assume that a flight attendant can give them anything they would ask for simply because crews are dedicated to giving them a comfortable stay during the whole flight. What most people don’t know is that tending to passengers’ requests is only a small part of their job. Their main agenda is to ensure that passengers will arrive at their destination safely.

Have you ever asked for something from a flight attendant?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia (Under CC)

Think before you speak

Making requests a few times is fine, especially if it is necessary and appropriate. However, not because cabin crews handed you what you wanted doesn’t mean that you can treat them awfully. In a previous post, we have revealed the things you should never say to a flight attendant.

Meanwhile, for this post, we will share the weirdest requests that passengers have ever asked.

“Can you open the window? I need some fresh air!”

Airlines don’t allow windows to be opened because there are some aircraft that are pressurized to allow people to breathe above 10,000 feet. Once you open it at cruising altitude, it will depressurize and you probably will not be able to breathe.

“Can you fly a bit lower? I’d like to have a better view of the mountains!”

Sure, you might be on a vacation during your flight, but take note that you’re not in some kind of a tour. If you’d like to see a particular tourist spot up close, you’ll need to fly to that country and travel on your own.

“Do you have an onboard ATM here?”


“My kids are bored. Does anyone of you know some magic tricks?”

Flight attendants are not entertainers. It is not their responsibility to keep your child happy the whole flight. If you think your kid has chances of throwing tantrums because of boredom, why not bring along some toys or books that he can play with during the flight?

“I’d like to know who I’m sitting beside to, please.”

You aren’t in some kind of a trip where you will be introduced to one another before the trip starts. For all we know, the cabin crews don’t know who you’ll be sitting next to as well.


Cabin crews aren’t really responsible for your entertainment and whatnot. Remember that they are only granting some of the appropriate requests simply because what you’ve asked for is simple, and because they want to make sure that you’re comfortable. Try not to be too demanding!