Air Asia Cabin Crew Requirements and Qualifications

Do you want to work as an Air Asia cabin crew member? Before you apply as a flight attendant for AirAsia, you better read the requirements and qualifications of the cabin crew position. We want to make sure that you meet the criteria so you won’t have any problems during the walk-in interview or open day events.

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Consider if you want to work for a carrier that serves millions of passengers and provide excellent customer service. For example, you might be the ideal candidate for an AirAsia air steward position if you desire to work as a cabin crew member on a dream job with a great employer who provides excellent customer service.

When Datuk Kamarudin Meranun and Tony Fernandes launched Air Asia two decades ago, most people couldn’t afford to take a flight to areas like Chiang Rai, Thailand, and Banding, Indonesia. Also, traveling within Asean required many days by land and sea. Air Asia’s operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines bring nearly 600 million ASEAN residents even closer together. A 9-hour trip away would not burden any families or relationships because this airline made it feasible to reduce it to a 45-minute flight away.

Change is one of Air Asia’s few constants, and it has marked our journey from a Malaysian low-cost airline to a regional low-cost carrier and, finally, to a digital corporation focused on e-commerce, logistics, and finance.

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Image: AirAsia

List of Requirements and Qualifications to Become an Air Asia Flight Attendant

For Air Asia Malaysia:

  • Malaysian National Male or Female
  • At least 18 years old (Age 18 must produce PLKN clearance — bring along

Certificate of Completion or Semakan Pelatih from

  • For Females, height should be at least 157cm, barefoot; males should be at least 169cm barefoot.
  • SPM with CREDIT in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and one other subject.
  • Language Skills: Fluency in written/spoken English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • A Graduate of any discipline is encouraged to apply.
  • Experienced crews are encouraged to apply
  • Good communication skills
  • Outgoing, well-rounded, and possess a stunning personality
  • Inexhaustible smile, vibrant and energetic
  • Must possess a positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service working within a team environment, & dealing with people from all cultures.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Guide and help passengers in terms of safety and comfort.
  • Greeting and welcoming customers.
  • Always conduct pre-flight safety inspections.
  • Assist passengers in finding their seats
  • Prepare and serve passengers’ drinks and food.
  • Take passenger requests.
  • The cabin must be monitored, managed, and secured.
  • Serve drinks and beverages.
  • Follow all aviation rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrate emergency equipment and provide passengers with instructions on how to utilize it.
  • Assist passengers and cabin personnel during emergencies.
  • Assist travelers with particular requirements (children, disabled persons, elders, etc.)
  • Prepare and submit flying incident reports

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Air Asia Australia Cabin Crew Recruitment Requirements


  • 157 cm for females; 168 cm for males
  • Willing to relocate at AirAsia’s headquarters in Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Australian citizen with valid passport of at least 12 months and unrestricted acess to any AirAsia and AirAsia X destinations
  • Graduates from any courses are encouraed to apply

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Air Asia Malaysia Cabin Crew Recruitment Requirements

  • Nationality: Malaysians (Male/Female)
  • Age:  Minimum 18 years old (Age 18 must produce PLKN clearance – bring along Certificate of Completion or Semakan Pelatih from
  • Height: Female – min. 157cm, barefoot; Male – min. 169cm barefoot
  • Minimum Criteria: SPM with CREDIT in English, Bahasa Malaysia and one other subjects
  • Language Skills: Fluency in written/spoken English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • A Graduate of any discipline is encouraged to apply.
  • Experienced crews are encouraged to apply
  • Outgoing, well-rounded, and possess a stunning personality
  • Inexhaustible smile, vibrant and energetic
  • Good communication skills
  • Must possess a positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service working within a team environment, & dealing with people from all cultures.

Dress code:

  • Female – Smart casual (strictly knee length dress/skirt only) with full make up,
  • Male – Smart casual and stylish

Air Asia Philippines Cabin Crew Recruitment Requirements

  • Male or Female
  • Height: Female – minimum 160cm, maximum of 170cm barefoot; Male – mininumum 170cm, maximum 180cm barefoot
  • Weight must be proportionate to height
  • College graduate or College level (at least completed second year)
  • Clear complexion and good set of teeth
  • Experienced crews are encouraged to apply
  • Outgoing, and fun peronality
  • Inexhaustible smile, vibrant and energetic
  • Good communication skills with fluency in spoken English
  • Genuine interest to serve people

Dress code:

  • Female – Business attire (strictly knee length skirt with full make up
  • Male –Corporate business attire
air asia team
Image: AirAsia

Application Process

Step 1. Go to Air Asia’s official website. You can go here:

Then search for the job vacancy you’re looking for. Upload any required documents to their career websites, such as an updated resume.

Step 2. Wait for their response. If you are qualified, they will set up a screening and interview appointment for you. Only those who get accepted will move forward to the interview.

Step 3.: Be there on time, and dress appropriately for the interview by wearing professional apparel, preferably one with a knee-length skirt, sleeveless top, and full make-up for females.

Step 4: The first thing that usually happens is a series of checks during the assessment day. Doing this helps eliminate airline candidates who are already unfit according to the airline’s established criteria before completing the day.

Step 5. Self-introductions

After passing the document and height checks, you will be required to perform a 10-second catwalk as part of the recruitment process. This will entail you strolling up and down in front of the recruiters as they assess your professionalism and elegance. They will then examine your skin to see whether there are any tattoos or scars visible on your legs, neck, hands, or face. Air Asia requires that you not have any of these marks visible when wearing their official uniform.

Step 6: English Examination

Some situations will require you to complete a 15-minute English exam to assess your English fluency and comprehension. You will be asked to answer a variety of questions that will assess your grammar, syntax, and overall comprehension of the English language.

Step 7: Those who pass the English test will subsequently be separated into groups and assigned a task to do as a group. Normally, each group is expected to perform. Recruiters will be able to examine how well you work and cooperate with a team during this stage of the hiring process.

Step 8: In the final interview, you will be asked a series of questions by two interviewers. These questions usually involve your CV, skills, experience, and why you want to be an Air Asia Cabin Crew member.

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Image: AirAsia

Salary and Benefits

The basic pay compensation for the new plan for Air Asia Cabin Crew is approximately MYR 1000 (USD 238), with MYR 10 (USD 2.5) for flying each hour. There are also sector allowances of MYR 20 (USD 5) and hourly incentives of roughly MYR 10.

  • Free transportation
  • Food for free
  • Health coverage
  • Merchandise, duty-free, drinks, and food sales commission
  • International transfer

Video: Air Asia International Cabin Crew

Here’s a video from AirAsia team which features what it’s like to be an international flight attendant for this airline. Check it out below!


Want to see what a recruitment day looks like for aspiring Flight Attendants for Air Asia?

Here is a video you need to watch. This is a highlight of the June 2022 Air Asia recruitment day in the Philippines. From long lines, assessments, and group work – a lot of candidates have made it through the process. You will also experience this scenario so be sure to prepare yourself and be confident.

Photos: Air Asia Cabin Crew Uniforms

Check out these pictures of Air Asia crews so you can see what they look like in uniforms:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about the job requirements as a cabin crew for Air Asia:

1. What is Air Asia’s working hour?

Working hours as a Cabin Crew member are determined by productivity. The more shifts you work, the more money you’ll make.

2. What should I wear?

The airline take pride in offering its Cabin Crew the freedom to be themselves at AirAsia X. You can style your hair whatever you like as long as it is decent.

  • Yes, appearance is vital, but so is upkeep for an AirAsia X Cabin Crew member. Here are some of the things we check for:
  • Skin that glows
  • There are no visible scars or tattoos while wearing the AirAsia X Cabin Crew outfit.
  • There are no braces.
  • Weight and height must be proportionate.

3. What is their minimum height?

For females, the: minimum barefoot height of 157cm while for men 170cm barefoot is the minimum.

4. Do they have a dress code?

Just like any other airline, Air Asia has a dress code to follow, you need to wear an Office Attire. For females, you should wear a knee-length skirt.

air asia female cabin crew
Image: AirAsia


Air Asia connects Asian countries the fastest way possible. The said airline is committed to growth and having the best people on its team, therefore, its selection process tends to be very keen. Air Asia gives the best and high-quality care and service to all of their passengers on board.

Still not convinced that this is one of the best airlines for your aviation career? Well, you better read more information about them. If you want to become a flight attendant for Air Asia, be already and get into the first step!

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