BuzzFeed and Cabin Crews Reveal the Most Shocking Airplane Secrets

Have you ever been curious about a plane and what happens behind the curtains before and after every flight? Of course, not one flight attendant will sit beside you and tell you things about flying that you didn’t really know about, right? BuzzFeed decided to finally end your curiosity and asked some crews the most shocking secrets passengers aren’t aware of!

In the video, Buzzfeed selected a few flight attendants and they were interviewed on topics like the mile high club, talking about passengers, drinking water, the dirtiest part of the plane, getting into first class, and other secrets.

airplane secrets with buzzfeed
Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube | BuzzFeedVideo
dirtiest part of airplane
Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube | BuzzFeedVideo

Cabin Crews Reveal Flying Secrets via BuzzFeed

In case you’re wondering if a flight attendant ever noticed you the moment you board the plane or talked about you – the answer is yes. They have been a pro in terms or subtly observing someone that you’d be surprised how much they know about you or what you did in the plane.

Watch this video to find out what secrets go around between the crews:

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Were you shocked? Which of those have you known already?

These flight attendants have certainly revealed some interesting and some downright disgusting key points. I mean, would you still go barefoot on the floor? Especially when going to the lavatory? Please try to be more careful especially that thousands of passengers use the plane on a daily basis. So try to wear your shoes when you go to the bathroom.

It’s also much better if you drink from the bottled water instead of the plane’s potable water. Lastly, there’s a reason why there’s wet wipes when you travel so always carry some when you go inside a plane.

cabin crew secrets buzzfeed
Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube | BuzzFeedVideo
Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube | BuzzFeedVideo

One of them advised viewers to be more cautious and hoped that you’ve learned helpful tips that you can bring to you on your next flight. When you think about it, flight attendants are there for your safety and security in the aircraft.

How do you feel after watching the clip above? Are you going to change your plane habits? Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know what you think!

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