How to do Your Make-up like a Qatar Airways Cabin Crew

Cabin crews are expected to wear make-up at all times to be able to look more professional and enhance their natural beauty. Each airline has their own standard look and here’s a guide how you can look the part of you want to apply for Qatar Airways.

This is helpful if you want to learn how to do you make up as a QA flight attendant. The video below will guide you in order to understand better what type of make-up and application is needed to be one of the Qatar Airways cabin crew.

Qatar Airways Make-up Tutorial Guide

However, you should take note that too much of everything is bad. In one of our previous post, we tackled the amount of cabin crew make-up that you should wear that will not make you look pale or look like a clown.

If you aren’t skilled in terms of doing your own make-up for the day, it is about time that you start learning because a cabin crew needs to look decent and presentable for every flight. You can’t ask someone to do your makeup every single day, isn’t it?

If you are off for an interview with Qatar Airways, or if you will be starting your first day of work soon, you probably want to impress your employer about how you carry yourself. Aside from the polished look, it would be great if you would show up for your first flight looking like a cabin crew who’s been on the service for quite some time now, and the best way to do that is through your make-up!

To help you doll up for your upcoming interview or the first day of work, check out this makeup tutorial for a Qatar Airways cabin crew. This guide was created by the team behind Cabin Crew Excellence.

We hope you find the above details useful. Good luck!