Where do Aviation Ordnanceman get Stationed?

Aviation Ordnanceman is someone who is responsible for repairing and maintaining aircraft weapons systems. This includes loading, unloading, stowing, handling, assembling and testing ammunition, missiles and rockets. They also maintain gunsights and fire control systems used for aerial combat. Aviation Ordnanceman must be knowledgeable about basic electricity and electronics in order to diagnose malfunctions. In addition to their technical duties, they must also able to work with other crewmembers such as pilots, mechanics and aircrewmen.

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If you’re curious about where Aviation Ordnancemen are stationed, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the different places where these sailors can be posted. We’ll also discuss what their duties involve and how they help support naval operations. So if you’re interested in learning more about this important military role, keep reading!

where do aviation ordnanceman get stationed

Where do Aviation Ordnanceman get Stationed after Boot Camp and A School?

As an aviation ordnanceman, there are many potential postings available after completing boot camp and A school. Your first assignment could be on an aircraft carrier, a marine corps base, or even a joint base overseas. You will be stationed where the military needs you, but you can be assured that there are opportunities for growth and development wherever you are.

Keep an open mind, and remember that being stationed in unfamiliar places can lead to new experiences and exciting adventures. Wherever you end up, your training as an aviation ordnanceman will serve you well in keeping our armed forces safe and prepared for any mission.

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What are Some of the Places they can be Stationed

As an Aviation Ordnanceman, you will have the opportunity to travel and work in a variety of locations. After completing boot camp and A school, you may be stationed on an aircraft carrier, a coastal base, or at a naval air station. You may also have the chance to serve aboard marine corps bases or at forward-deployed locations overseas. Wherever you are stationed, your role as an Aviation Ordnanceman is crucial for ensuring that aircraft armament systems and weapons are safe, secure, and properly functioning.

You may also have opportunities to participate in training exercises and deployment missions, providing valuable support for our military operations. Aviation Ordnancemen are responsible for loading weapons onto planes and maintaining weapon systems.

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What are Some of the Duties of an Aviation Ordnanceman

As an aviation ordnance man, it is your job to handle, service, and maintain all armaments and weapons systems on Navy aircraft. This includes loading and unloading bombs, missiles, bullets, and other munitions onto the aircraft. You will also troubleshoot any weapon system malfunctions during flight and perform routine maintenance checks on the equipment.

After boot camp, you will attend A school for specialized training in your field. From there, you might find yourself stationed on an aircraft carrier or at a shore facility such as a naval air station or Marine Corps base. Aviation ordnance men play an important role in keeping aircraft safe and missions successful. It’s exciting to work that requires attention to detail, teamwork skills, and the ability to handle high-pressure situations. Are you ready to join the ranks of these brave sailors?

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What is it Like to be Stationed in a Certain Place

As an Aviation Ordnanceman, you will have the opportunity to be stationed all over the world – from Florida to Japan and everywhere in between. Each base offers unique experiences, from gorgeous beachfront locations to exciting cities with amazing nightlife. However, where you get stationed after boot camp and A school depends on several factors including your job specialty, needs of the Navy, and personal preferences. Some may want a calm location for their first duty station, while others may choose an adventurous atmosphere.

Base locations have both pros and cons, so it is up to the individual to make the most out of their stay. The military lifestyle is rewarding because it offers new challenges and opportunities no matter where you are stationed. So grab a drink at the local lounge, take advantage of all the on-base amenities, and enjoy your experience wherever it may take you.

Can You Transfer to a Different Duty Station if You Don’t Like Where You are Currently Stationed

As a member of the military, you may find that you are unhappy with your current duty station. Fortunately, it is possible to request a transfer to a different location. The Aviation Ordnanceman is a responsible position that requires them to work with explosives and other sensitive materials. There are several factors that can lead to your transfer request being denied.

However, transfers can also take you to locations across the globe and even aboard ships. So if you want a change of scenery, be sure to talk to your superiors and see what options may be available for a transfer.

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How do You go About Requesting a Transfer

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a change and is considering requesting a transfer. Great! First things first, take some time to reflect on your career goals and why a transfer would benefit you. This will help guide the rest of the process, such as where you might want to request transfers. Next, talk to your direct supervisor to see if they have any insights or advice. Then, it’s time to submit your request. A transfer of funds typically requires approval from multiple levels of leadership. It’s important to remember that transfers can’t always be guaranteed or happen immediately. So, make sure to stay professional and keep open communication with those involved in the process. Best of luck in taking this next step in your career!


Naval Aviation Ordnanceman is an essential part of the military team, responsible for keeping aircraft running and safe. Where you get stationed after boot camp and A school depends on several factors including your job specialty, needs of the Navy, and personal preferences. Some people might want a tranquil first duty station, while others go for an exciting environment. Wherever you end up, know that every base has its pros and cons and ultimately it’s up to you to make the most out of your time there.

Remember, if you are in the Aviation Ordnance man field, some common duty stations include bases such as Beaufort, South Carolina, and Pensacola, Florida. However, transfers can also take you to locations across the globe and even aboard ships. If you desire a location change, converse with your employer to see what possibilities may exist for transferring. Keep in mind that you’ll have the opportunity for novel experiences and adventures wherever you’re stationed.