How to Answer: How Would Your CoWorkers or Friends Describe You?

As a flight attendant applicant, you may be asked a variety of questions during the interview process. One of the most commonly asked questions is “How would other people you know describe you?” This question may seem tricky, but it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your qualifications and personality. While this question may give the idea that the recruiter wants to know how other people describe themselves, it’s actually a way to find out how you, yourself, would describe yourself. So please tread carefully and don’t sound cocky or self-absorbed!

When answering this question, it’s important to focus on the qualities that make you stand out as a flight attendant applicant such as your interpersonal skills, ability to multitask, and attention to detail. Some examples of how other people may describe you include: reliable, organized, helpful and personable. You can then add in any of your special qualifications or strengths that pertain to the field of aviation such as being knowledgeable about aircraft safety procedures or having experience working with customers.

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Be sure to mention any awards or recognition you’ve received from past employers or colleagues in order to demonstrate why you are a great candidate for the position. Here are some more tips below.

how would friends or coworkers describe you

Why the Interviewer is Asking this Question

The interviewer is asking this question to get an idea of what kind of person you are and how well-suited you are for the role. It gives them a better insight into your personality traits and strengths that make you a great candidate for the job.

Describing yourself in terms of qualities rather than titles or skills, allows the interviewer to gain more of an understanding of how you would fit in with their team and adds a more humanistic element to their evaluation process.

This question is a good indication of your teamwork and communication skills, as well as your level of self-awareness. These are all important qualities for any successful flight attendant applicant.

Other Variations to this Question

Other variations of this question include:

  • What do your colleagues think of you?
  • How would you describe yourself in three words?
  • How do your friends and family view you?
  • What qualities do people admire about you?
  • What makes you unique from other applicants?
  • How have others seen your work ethic in the past?
  • What values do you prioritize when working with a team or customers?
  • Describe a situation where someone has praised your skills or abilities before.

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How to Answer the Question

Follow these steps to answer the question “How would other people you know describe you?”

  1. Start by thinking about your top qualities: Before the interview, make a list of your top qualities. Think about the qualities that make you the right fit for this job. These qualities may include excellent communication skills, empathy, adaptability, and reliability.
  2. Consider the feedback you’ve received from others: Think about the feedback you have received from friends, family members, or co-workers. Consider what they have said about your personality or work ethic.
  3. Provide specific examples: Once you have identified your top qualities and received feedback from others, provide specific examples of how these qualities have helped you in your personal or professional life.

Sample Answers to the Question: How do other people describe you?

Check out these sample answers to this question. Please adjust the responses accordingly to your situation:

  • “I believe that my friends and colleagues would describe me as determined, organized, and detail-oriented. I take great pride in the quality of my work, and always strive to go above and beyond expectations. For example, when I worked as a server at a restaurant, I was regularly praised by management for my attentiveness to customer needs and ability to multitask during busy shifts.”
  • “People close to me would say that I am driven and passionate about anything I put my mind to. They would also mention how personable, friendly, and patient I am with customers or colleagues. As an example of these qualities, when representing my university at a career fair last year,
  • “I believe my friends would describe me as empathetic and caring. I have always enjoyed lending an ear and helping others in any way that I can, and I think this has helped me create strong relationships with people.”
  • “My co-workers have often said that I am a reliable team player. I take pride in meeting deadlines and completing tasks on time, and I enjoy collaborating with others to achieve a common goal.”
  • “My family members have described me as a problem-solver. I enjoy finding solutions to challenges and taking initiative when needed to keep things running smoothly.”
  • “Many people have said that I am an effective communicator. I make a conscious effort to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully, and I think this helps me build trust and connect with people.”
  • “Those who know me well say that I am adaptable and flexible. I am comfortable with change and can easily adjust to new situations, which I think will be an asset in this fast-paced industry.”
  • “My previous managers have commended me for my attention to detail. I understand that in this industry, even the smallest things can make a big difference, and I pride myself on being thorough in everything I do.”
  • “My friends often describe me as enthusiastic and positive. I believe that a positive attitude can go a long way in creating a great working environment, and I always try to bring a smile and a can-do attitude to everything I do.”

Tips on How to Answer the Question

In case you’re still unsure of how to answer the question, here are some tips that can help:

  1. Be concise but thorough: The interviewer doesn’t want to hear a long monologue but wants to know enough about you.
  2. Be Professional: Try not to include any inappropriate or irrelevant information in your answers.
  3. Be Positive: Focus on positive words and use positive adjectives to describe yourself.
  4. Be Authentic: Be honest and true to yourself; employers are more interested in who you are, rather than who you are trying to be.

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Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Answer

If you’re still struggling with how to answer this question, try asking yourself the following questions.

  • What are my strong points?
  • What qualities do I have that make me good at my job?
  • What feedback have other people given me about my performance or attitude?
  • What examples can I provide of when I’ve displayed these qualities in the past?
  • How does my personality help me work effectively with others or handle difficult situations?
  • Are there any unique traits or skills I possess that could be useful for this role?
  • What are my top qualities?
  • What have people said about me in the past?
  • What are some specific examples of how my qualities have helped in my life?
  • How can I make sure I come off as sincere and authentic in my answer?

These questions should help you get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to come up with an effective response. Good luck!

Examples of Bad Answers

While there are some great ways to answer, here are some examples of bad answers to the question:

  • “I’m really good at everything I do.” – This answer is too vague and not very helpful; it doesn’t provide the interviewer with any insight into your strengths or qualities.
  • “My friends tell me that I’m really funny.” – While being humorous is a great quality to have, this isn’t the type of response that will help you stand out in an interview. You should be focusing on professional qualifications and skills instead.
  • “I’m a perfectionist, so I always make sure my work is perfect.” – Although attention to detail is important, perfectionism can sometimes lead to procrastination or getting caught up in minor details instead of tackling more important
  • “People often say I’m the best and smartest person they know.” – This answer may make you sound boastful and unprofessional. You should focus on being realistic in your response.
  • “My family and friends would say I’m lazy and unmotivated.” – This is definitely not the type of answer you want to give in an interview; it will make you sound negative and unconfident. Instead, focus on the positive things that people have said about you and how those qualities can help you succeed in this role.
  • “I’ve been told that I am a bit of a party animal but that shouldn’t affect my job, right?” – No matter how good you may be at your job, it’s important to be professional and focus on relevant qualities that reflect positively on your character.
  • “Honestly, I don’t know what people would say about me.” – This can come across as apathetic and uninterested, so it’s important to have a good understanding of your strengths and what you bring to the table.

Video: How Would Others Describe You?

Check out this video by Jeff H Sipe where she shares a tip about how to answer this question in a practice interview:


Interviews are highly competitive, and many times, recruiters go beyond the usual set of interview questions. They can test an applicant’s psychological fitness and personality traits, which are crucial in determining their ability to adapt to the job’s challenges.

The question “How would other people you know describe you?” is an excellent opportunity for flight attendant applicants to showcase their personal qualities and communication skills. By following the above steps and tips, you can prepare an authentic and engaging answer and leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. Finally, remember that the best answers always come from a place of authenticity, so be yourself, stay positive, and show the interviewer why you are the perfect fit for the job!