Interview with Kara Grand of Flight Attendant Central

Our next cabin crew feature is with Kara Grand, author of HOW TO BECOME A FLIGHT ATTENDANT – for Airlines in the Middle East. She used to work as a cabin crew for one of the top airlines in the world. She left the profession as she focused on building a family when her daughter was born.

Even so, she learned to use her experience as an opportunity to share her knowledge about being a flight attendant and has converted it into a helpful eBook. Just goes to show that there are other opportunities even if you resign from this lifestyle. Check out the interview below.

Cabin Crew Profile: Interview with Kara Grand of

Which airlines have your worked with?How-to-Become-a-Flight-Attendant-Cover

I worked for one of the biggest airlines in the world based in the United Arab Emirates. I am not in the position to disclose the name of my previous employer, as I am not an appointed spokes person for them.

How did you become a cabin crew? How many times did you apply?

Becoming a cabin crew was my dream since I first spotted a plane in the sky. I asked my mom and she said that pretty ladies with white gloves and lipstick worked up there. I loved lipstick, so I was hooked. I first wanted to apply when I finished high school, but nobody wanted to hire an unexperienced 18 year old. My application was rejected by all the airlines I applied for. I was not even given a change to go for an interview, so I focused on getting a college degree and broaden my experience in the customer service field. I participated in my first recruitment event after I finished college. I passed all the assessment stages from the first try, however there was nothing during the interview that surprised me. I was well prepared, I knew what was expected from me and I knew how important it is to make an excellent first impression.

Why did you apply for this job? – Based on your answer, were those goals justified?

To be really honest, I didn’t apply for a job, I applied for the benefits that the job entitled. I had no idea that the cabin crew job is a complex mixture of safety knowledge, excellent customer service delivery, irregular schedule, diplomacy, long hours and ever changing team. All I though about was traveling, glamour and lipstick.

What’s the best thing about this job?

You get to see the world for free. You get to see the world while somebody else is paying your hotels, airfare and salary.

What’s your worst about this job?

Spending New Year’s Eve at 40000ft. It sounds glam but it is not.

What were common misconceptions that you found out about cabin crews?

I can only talk about the misconceptions that I had. I thought the job is just about a smile, a chicken casserole and a coffee. It is not. It is about maintaining a spotless image even after you’ve been awake for 24 hours. It is about smiling until your jaw hurts. It is about preventing problems rather than dealing with them with limited resources. Lastly, it is about being aware that everything you say and do is seen through the uniform you are wearing.

What are your tips to aspiring cabin crew applicants?

Prepare, prepare, prepare! This should be the tag line of my website. Most people come to me only after they failed at the assessment. It is interesting how we look for ways to improve ourselves only after we deal with a negative experience. Wouldn’t it all be much easier if you knew everything before you went for the interview? Know what the airline wants and needs in their future ambassadors. Understand each stage of the assessment. The group exercise is not just a game. Every single word and gesture is judged. Prepare for that. This is how you will succeed.

What motivated you to keep working?

I loved my job. I went to every single flight with excitement and joy to be there. I cherished discovering new colleagues and new customers. Every person you encounter has a unique story. It is better than television! All you need to do is ask a question.

Why did you resign?

When my daughter was born, my priorities shifted. As much as I loved flying, I also wanted to be home and see my little wonder. My heart was torn between the love for my family and love for flying. I chose my family.

Why did you write this book?

Being a flight attendant is the best job and the best experience in the world. I loved every minute of it and I know there are so many people out there who would be a perfect fit for this job. The cabin crew assessment is complex and sometimes very difficult to understand. I wanted to make it easy to understand, with practical tips and loads of examples so that you grasp the core of success and reach of dream of working in the sky.

If you want to purchase a copy of this ebook, you can purchase it here. Visit for more details.


Thanks for the interview Kara! Continue to help others who aspire to be cabin crews!