Ron Anaka, Flight Attendant for 63 Years-Video

How long can you work as a Cabin Crew? 5, 10, 20 years? Meet Ron Anaka: The Longest Serving Flight Attendant in the US who has since worked for a US airlines for 63 years!

Ron Anaka, now 83 years old, first joined United Airlines in 1949. He was one of the first male flight attendants for the airline. “We didn’t even know what a flight steward was,” said Ron.

Ron Anaka flight attendant

YouTube screenshot of Ron Anaka
Source: The New York Times

Flight Attendant for 63 Years!

Having been with United for 63 years, Ron still appeared hesitant and tearful when asked about his thoughts on leaving the company for good. And now that he has finally left, he enjoys amazing travel privileges with his wife which after all these years Ron still quotes, “there’s a lot to be seen.”

Bearing the title of the Longest Serving Flight Attendant in the US, and possibly the world, Ron is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Longest-Serving Flight Attendant in the USA – Video

Check out the video to see Ron in action.

Video Source: The New York Times YouTube

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