Air Transat and Emirates Planes Collide in Miami International Airport

  • On April 13th, 2023, an Air Transat Airbus A330 and an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER collided at Miami International Airport (MIA).
  • Emergency responders arrived quickly on the scene, and thankfully no injuries were reported.
  • Both planes sustained substantial damage and have since been grounded as authorities investigate the cause of the incident.
  • This dangerous occurrence emphasizes the fragility of air travel and the need for additional precautions to ensure similar events do not happen again.
damaged wings emirates and air transat collision miami international airport
Images: Twitter @Aviation_Voice

13th April 2023, Miami International Airport (MIA) – An unfortunate incident occurred at Miami International Airport when a parked Emirates Boeing 777-300ER with registration A6-EGH collided with an Air Transat Airbus A330-243, bearing registration C-GUBL.

The Air Transat aircraft had just arrived from Toronto as flight TS948 and was taxiing into Gate H8 after landing when its left winglet struck the right horizontal stabilizer of the Emirates plane on position H10A.

Emergency personnel and responders were quickly dispatched to the scene, during which time passengers were still aboard the A330. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. However, both planes sustained substantial damage and have since been grounded as authorities launch an investigation into what caused it.

Communications Director for Miami International Airport Greg Chin commented on the collision: “Air Transat flight had just arrived from Toronto and was taxiing to the gate at 9:30 when its wing clipped the wing of an Emirates aircraft parked at the gate next to it.” The cause of this potentially disastrous occurrence is still yet to be determined.

After the collision, emergency responders rushed to the scene.

When the collision occurred, passengers were present on both planes; yet thankfully no one suffered any injury. Unfortunately, substantial damage was sustained by at least one of the planes, thus prompting an immediate investigation from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). Since then, these planes have been grounded and a comprehensive investigation into this incident has since commenced.

Here is a video report as shared online by NBC Miami:

On Thursday, Air Transat flight 949 from Toronto collided with an Emirates aircraft near the gate at Miami International Airport. Witnesses reported that the impact caused damage to one of the wings of both planes.

The news of a collision between an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER and Air Transat Airbus A330 at Miami International Airport on April 13th, 2023 is alarming and upsetting. Thankfully, no one was injured in this potentially disastrous event as emergency responders arrived quickly to the scene.

What’s more concerning is that there is still yet to be determined what caused this unfortunate accident. This emphasizes just how fragile air travel can be despite all the necessary precautions taken by airlines and airport personnel alike. It’s vital that we take every measure possible to ensure that similar accidents do not occur again in order to maintain safe air travel for everyone.

Here’s a post as shared on Twitter @Aviation_Voice showcasing the damage on both planes:

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