Aurigny Pilot Salary and Benefits

Aurigny, the flagship airline of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, not only takes pride in its wings but also in being an employer of choice. Established in 1968, the airline has consistently evolved to become a symbol of reliability, safety, and efficiency.  If you work as a pilot in a UK-based airline like Aurigny, the national average wage is £86,432 ($108,912) per year or £7,202 ($9,075) per month. The said rate was according to’s gathered data.

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Aurigny Air Services was founded in Alderney, a British Crown Dependency, to connect the islands in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Over the years, the airline has expanded its routes and services, becoming a lifeline for residents and a key player in the region’s aviation landscape. From humble beginnings with a single aircraft, Aurigny now boasts a modern fleet, including ATR and Embraer aircraft, showcasing its commitment to staying at the forefront of aviation technology. If you want to be a part of the company, learn more about the airline’s salary and benefits packages.

aurigny pilots with crew
Image: Aurigny

Cash Salary Breakdown

  • Basic Salary – Pilots working in a UK-based airline like Aurigny can expect £7,202 ($9,075) per month as an average pay range. This data is based on the published estimated annual pay rates of There are no mentioned base pay rates for this airline, so the provided salary above is based on the Annual Total Pay given.
  • Flying Pay – Currently there is no available data online regarding the flying pay rate of this airline’s Pilots. The rate per hour depends on seniority, length of service, and the type of aircraft flown.
  • Layover Allowance – As of this moment there are no published per diem pay rates data for Pilots in this airline. The specific details of layover allowances, including per diem rates and conditions, are usually outlined in the pilot’s collective bargaining agreement or labor contract with the airline.

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  • Competitive Salary – Just like any other well-established airline in Uk, Aurigny understands the value of its pilots and compensates them competitively. Salaries are structured to reflect experience, expertise, and tenure, ensuring that pilots feel duly rewarded for their contributions. Overall, the salary you can generate from this airline is very decent.
  • Health and Wellness – Aurigny prioritizes the health and well-being of its employees. Pilots have access to comprehensive health insurance packages, ensuring that your medical needs are well taken care of. Some of these are dental care, eye care, and free check up. Coverage will be discussed to you during orientation or contract signing.
  • Travel Privileges – As a part of the aviation industry, Aurigny offers its pilots unique travel privileges. This includes discounted or complimentary travel on Aurigny flights and sometimes even on partner airlines, allowing pilots to explore new destinations at a fraction of the cost. This perk can also be extended to family members, and sometimes, even friends.
  • Generous Leave Policies – Work-life balance is a priority at Aurigny. You will definitely enjoy generous leave policy that allows you to recharge and spend quality time with your families. This commitment to a healthy work-life balance enhances overall job performance of pilots.
  • Training and Development Opportunities – Continuous learning is encouraged at Aurigny. The airline invests in the professional development of its pilots, offering training programs to keep you updated of the latest industry standards and advancements.
  • From First Officer to Captain Pilot – One of the most appealing aspects of a career at Aurigny is the clear pathway for career progression. Pilots in this airline have the opportunity to climb the ranks from First Officer to Captain Pilot. The airline values internal talent and provides the necessary training and support to facilitate this transition. This career progression is not just a step up the hierarchical ladder; it represents a journey of personal and professional growth.

The transition from First Officer to Captain is marked by additional responsibilities, leadership roles, and an increased level of decision-making. Aurigny ensures that this progression is smooth and well-supported, with mentoring programs and tailored training sessions.

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aurigny flight attendants with pilots
Image: Aurigny

Video: Pilot interview: Cpt Maaike Penris – Aurigny

This is Captain Maaike Penris of the airline Aurigny, and in this video, she will share the experience of flying an ATR. While flying ATR comes with its challenges, many pilots find it to be an exciting and fulfilling experience. The aircraft’s versatility in serving regional routes, combined with the unique skills required for turboprop operations, adds a layer of complexity that pilots often embrace as they grow in their aviation careers. The key lies in thorough training, experience accumulation, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there opportunities for international assignments or transfers within Aurigny?

While primarily operating in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, Aurigny may offer opportunities for pilots to participate in international assignments or transfers based on operational needs.

2. How does Aurigny ensure the safety and well-being of its pilots?

Aurigny prioritizes safety as its topmost concern. The airline adheres to protocols, conducts regular safety audits, and provides ongoing training to ensure that pilots are braced with up to date knowledge..

3. What is the upgrade process from First Officer to Captain at Aurigny?

The upgrade process involves a combination of experience, training, and assessments. Aurigny provides a structured pathway, including mentorship and support, to facilitate the transition from First Officer to Captain.

4. Does Aurigny offer any employee assistance programs or support services?

Yes, Aurigny recognizes the importance of holistic well-being. The airline provides employee assistance programs, counseling services, and support networks to address the personal and professional needs of pilots.

5. How does Aurigny promote diversity and inclusion among its pilot workforce?

Aurigny is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. The airline actively encourages applications from individuals of all backgrounds and strives to create an environment where everyone feels valued.


Pilots working for a UK-based airline like Aurigny may expect to earn £7,202 ($9,075) per month on average. “One of the longest running regional airline in the world,” this is how people see Aurigny. Pilots choose this for because of professional development opportunities, a positive company culture, competitive compensation, and a commitment to safety and well-being.