Eastern Airlines LLC Flight Attendant Uniform

The flight attendant uniform of Eastern Airlines LLC features a tailored silhouette with clean lines, giving it a modern and elegant look. The color scheme incorporates the airline’s shades of deep navy blue and light blue, creating a visually striking contrast. This uniform effortlessly combines comfort and functionality, allowing flight attendants to move freely while maintaining a polished appearance throughout their duties.

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The design of the flight attendant uniform includes a fitted blazer with a high collar. Meanwhile, the blouse underneath is made of wrinkle-resistant fabric, ensuring that the uniform remains crisp and tidy even during long flights. The pants are tailored with a slim leg and a comfortable stretch, providing ease of movement for the flight attendants. The uniform also includes a matching scarf that can be worn in various ways, adding a stylish accessory to the overall look.

eastern airlines crews in full uniform
Image: Eastern Airlines LLC

Features of the Eastern Airlines FA Uniform

  • The colors of the flight attendant uniform are in shades of blue (light blue, dark blue, and navy blue), added by a complementary color, which is yellow. There’s also a black color and a white one.
  • A dark shade of black dress (female flight attendant uniform)
  • Neck scarf (light blue and dark blue) with an imprinted airline name on it
  • Blue ID lanyard color with the airline’s name imprinted on its lanyard.
  • A light blue long-sleeve button polo (male flight attendant) paired with a black vest
  • Insignia and wing badge

Eastern Airlines Female Flight Attendant Uniform

Female flight attendant uniforms are expected to be clean, neat, and well-pressed. Considering the rising competition in the aviation industry, aircrew members should follow the appearance standards required of them. This aims to maintain the image and quality services of Eastern Airlines LLC flight attendants.

Here is a complete list of the female flight attendant uniforms at Eastern Airlines LLC.

  • Dress
  • Neck scarf
  • Insignia or Wing badge
  • ID
  • Heel shoe
  • Black hosiery
  • Wristwatch
eastern airlines female crew runway
Image: Eastern Airlines LLC

Eastern Airlines Male Flight Attendant Uniform

To conform to the uniform distinction between male and female airline workers, uniforms are being made. Male flight attendant uniforms are specially designed to create a visually appealing and professional look for male aircrew members. Aside from their set of uniforms, male flight attendants are also provided with stylish accessories such as ties or bowties that complement the overall look. The goal is to ensure that male aircrew members exude confidence and competence while maintaining a cohesive and polished appearance.

  • Button polo shirt (long sleeve)
  • Belt
  • Slacks Pants
  • Close Formal Shoes
  • Wristwatch
  • Black socks
  • Vest
  • Blazer jacket
  • Button polo shirt (short sleeve)
  • Necktie
  • ID
eastern airlines happy training crews
Image: Eastern Airlines LLC

Presentation and Grooming Policy

As the face of the company, FAs play a crucial role in creating a positive first impression and ensuring a pleasant flying experience for passengers. Hence, Eastern Airlines LLC must have well-defined presentation and grooming policies in place to maintain a consistent and high standard among its flight attendants.

Personal Appearance

Flight attendants must be physically fit; hence, they undergo rigorous training programs to ensure their efficiency and ability to provide exceptional service to passengers. From emergency procedures to customer service skills, they are well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise during a flight. Their strategic mindset allows them to anticipate and address potential issues, ensuring the safety and comfort of everyone on board. Aside from this, flight attendants possess a remarkable level of confidence, which stems not only from their attire but also from their extensive knowledge and experience in managing diverse flight scenarios.


A clean and proper hairstyle is highly encouraged for male and female flight attendants, wherein male FAs must have a proper haircut applied with an exact amount of hair wax. Extreme haircut designs are also prohibited, including contrasting hair colors. It should be appropriate to acquire a proficient look. A clean, formal haircut is highly encouraged for them, while female FA’s hair must be combed properly. Applying hair gel is necessary, and a proper hair tie is also needed to look neat and clean.

Fingernail or Hands

Proper handwashing is strictly observed. Clean and well-manicured fingernails are also encouraged. It is also important that it is neatly trimmed and maintains wet-polished nails, but avoids contrasting polish colors.

Makeup or cosmetics

The shade of the makeup is often dictated by the airline’s uniform policy, which aims to maintain a cohesive appearance among the flight attendants. This ensures that the makeup enhances their natural features without appearing too bold or distracting. The application of makeup must be done skillfully and appropriately to maintain a polished and well-groomed appearance throughout the flight.

Facial Hair

For those male flight attendants who have facial hair, they must shave it properly. A neat-looking face is visually appealing, especially to male FAs. Mustaches and other facial hair styles should be well-groomed and trimmed, ensuring a neat and polished appearance. Maintaining a clean-shaven look does not only adhere to the airline’s grooming standards.

eastern airlines female crews engine
Image: Eastern Airlines LLC

General Notes to Remember

  • Tattoos and other body art must not be visible outside the working uniform.
  • Extreme uniform design must be highly observed.
  • The uniform must be in good condition and repaired.
  • Athletic shoes are not allowed.
  • Flight attendants both male and female are expected to follow the appearance and uniform standard. Failure to do it may result in some disciplinary action.
  • Appropriate luggage instructions must be followed.
  • Avoid wearing the flight attendant uniform for personal events.
  • Wearing the flight attendant uniform for fraud.

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The video highlights Eastern Airlines flight attendants’ support for joining the AFA organization to enhance their organization’s development while also revealing their opinions while wearing their company uniform.


In brief, Eastern Airlines LLC’s flight attendant uniform is modern and elegant, featuring a clean style and a striking color scheme. It includes a fitted blazer, wrinkle-resistant blouse, slim-leg pants, and a matching scarf for comfort. The uniform allows flight attendants to move freely while maintaining a polished appearance.