Emirates Airlines vs Qatar Airways as Employers

As promised in one of earlier posts, I’m going to share a couple of insights on Emirates Airlines vs Qatar Airways as Employers.

So which is better? Emirates or Qatar?

Much has been discussed in different cabin crew forums about these two airline companies competing with each other when it comes to service as well as how they take care of their employees.

If you’ve been reading a lot of discussion threads, Qatar employees quit their jobs in order to transfer to Emirates Airlines because of how they are being treated unfairly by Qatar cabin crew bosses as well as strict rules that a flight attendant has to follow.

Apparently, there’s a lot of policies that Qatar Airways is implementing that are deemed unreasonable in some cases. Go look it up, it’s very searchable on Google or check out different threads too. I don’t think these cabin crew employees would spend a lot of time trashing their employers because it’s a total waste of time and energy if they were to just fake everything up.Emirates cabin crew employees happier than Qatar?

You can surely see the gap between Qatar and Emirates because Emirates Airlines seem to have happier cabin crew members as opposed to Qatar.

Salary and Benefits

I’ve written an article about air cabin crew salaries and benefits. Click on these posts to backread the comprehensive list of benefits and salaries of these two air cabin crews:

As you might be able to notice, Emirates has already placed the basic salary but Qatar Airways included the flying pay. Does this mean that Emirates Airlines has a better compensation package? Well, if you’re really into getting the maximum value for your money, then I think you should consider this as a factor. Otherwise, don’t even bother as there the difference isn’t really that big. These air cabin crew salary differences don’t differ a lot especially when the benefits are far more rewarding in the end – you get paid to travel right?


When it comes to reputation, Qatar seems to have firmly established their service as a five-star class in the airline industry because of the broad scope of their fleet as well as the popularity of their airlines across the globe. Emirates is still establishing or gaining more ground.

Rules and Policies

Emirates seem to have more space for employees to act normally outside their work duties. But then when you think about it, it’s not really only for the benefit of the flight attendant employee, these stewards and stewardesses are also taught a lot of discipline when it comes to being on time and being a responsible citizen. So even if the steward staff think that they’re being treated unfairly, they should just think about being happy that they’ve a high-paying job around.


Emirates seem to have a lot of plus points with the points that were mentioned. Still, one can’t deny the fact that an crew steward would prefer one over the other; this is especially true with those who have flight experience in this industry already.

So what’s the real verdict? Why not apply for Etihad Airways or other airlines in the Middle East? Much hoopla has been described about these two airline companies so why not look for other options especially when there are opportunities available in different career airlines?

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