Horizon Air Flight Attendant Uniform

The design of the cabin crew’s clothing aims to reflect the vibrant and modern aesthetic of the West Coast. Luly Yang, known for her elegant and innovative designs, has meticulously crafted uniforms that not only adhere to the company’s regulations but also embody the spirit of Horizon Air. The approval process by the company committee ensures that the clothing aligns with the airline’s brand image, capturing the essence of the region and creating a cohesive and stylish look for the flight attendants and cabin crew.

The crew’s clothing not only serves a functional purpose but also serves as a representation of Horizon Air’s commitment to providing exceptional service and creating a memorable experience for its passengers. Each garment is carefully designed to incorporate elements of the Pacific Northwest, such as nature-inspired patterns and colors, further connecting the airline to its roots and creating a sense of pride and identity for both the crew and passengers.

horizon air female flight attendant
Image: Alaska Airlines

Features of Its Uniform

  • A classy and modern blue uniform dress for female flight attendants
  • A formal heel shoe with appropriate heel length and design
  • A gray vest for male flight attendants
  • A white button blouse paired with a gray vest
  • A stylish blue necktie for male neckwear
  • Formal slack pants
  • A blue blazer jacket with an insignia or wing badge
  • A formal black closed shoe for male flight attendants
  • Blue formal skirts and formal pants

Female Horizon Air Cabin Crew Uniform

Female flight attendants at Horizon Air need to wear a clean and tidy flight attendant uniform. They are also required to maintain their uniform in good condition. Their uniform should be free from any stains, wrinkles, or damage. Additionally, female flight attendants are expected to accessorize their uniform with appropriate items such as a name tag, wings, and a stylish scarf. These minimal details ensure that they maintain a professional appearance and uphold the airline’s brand image.

To discover more about their set of uniforms, here is a list of uniforms from female flight attendants.

  • Two (2) neck scarf
  • Collared Button Blouse (Inner Top)
  • Skirt (Bottom)
  • Blazer/Jacket (Outer Top)
  • Heel Shoe
  • Stocking
  • Wristwatch
  • Wing Badge
  • Name badge
horizon air flight attendant
Image: Alaska Airlines

Male Horizon Air Cabin Crew Uniform

Male flight attendants need to wear the following set of pieces of clothing that serve as their uniform while they are working at Horizon Air: In like manner, they also need to follow the uniform requirements that are prescribed in line with the released style and design. These requirements ensure that male flight attendants maintain a formal and cohesive appearance while representing the airline, as every element of the uniform contributes to the overall image of Horizon Air and the level of service provided to passengers.

The male flight attendant uniforms are listed below.

  • Wing Badge
  • Name Badge
  • Button collared blouse
  • Vest
  • Slack Pants
  • Neck Tie
  • Wristwatch
  • Belt
  • Shoe
  • Blazer Jacket
  • Long sleeve

Uniform Accessories (Male/Female)

Flight attendants can bring and wear the following items and accessories in addition to the uniform they wear, provided that they follow the policies and standards for wearing them:

  • Winter Scarf
  • Garment Bag
  • Backpack
  • Tote Bag
  • Umbrella
  • Wool coat
  • Hat
  • Transition jacket
  • Apron
  • All-weather Jacket
  • Bag
  • Suitcase
  • Black Gloves
  • Eyeglasses
  • Jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Wedding ring
  • Single strand necklace
  • Wristwatch
  • Bracelet

Presentation and Grooming Policy

Flight attendants must be mindful of their appearance when dealing with their customers, wherein they should maintain a good personal appearance and good image and values. They must also follow the appearance requirements prescribed to them, which include the grooming and presentation policies stated below.

  • The flight attendant uniform must be well-pressed, neat, and clean. Accurate and proper wearing of the said piece of clothing is strictly observed.
  • The hairstyle of the cabin crew member must be done properly. They should keep it clean and neat-looking. Application of hair gel or hair wax could be possible and must be done with an exact amount applied. Male haircuts must be formal and good-looking, extreme haircut style is strictly observed.
  • FAs and other cabin crew member must maintain their hygiene regularly. They must be clean outside and inside.
  • Hands and fingernails must be cleaned all the time. Regular hand washing must be done properly. Fingernails should be well-trimmed, and nails must be cut properly. Polish color and nail design should not be exaggerated.
  • Facial hair and mustaches must be trimmed properly. It is encouraged to have a clean and neat-looking face that is not covered with hair, mustaches, tattoos, piercings, or any body art or accessories.
horizon air female crew smiling
Image: Alaska Airlines

Important Notes to Remember

  • The uniform must conform to the latest design, policies, and standards set by the airline company.
  • Exaggerated uniform style and design are strictly prohibited.
  • FAs are required to follow the uniform policies and rules. Failure to follow it may result in disciplinary action.
  • It is expected of the flight attendants who are wearing their uniforms to perform their tasks competently. They must have good norms and values, especially when dealing with their customers.
  • Tattoos and other body art must not be visible while wearing the working uniform. Any form of body art that is too vulgar and offensive is strictly prohibited.
  • Public smoking and drinking of alcoholic drinks while wearing the said uniform is strictly prohibited.

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In summary, the cabin crew’s clothing is designed by Luly Yang, a renowned designer known for her elegant and innovative designs. The uniforms not only adhere to Horizon Air’s regulations but also embody the spirit of the region. The approval process ensures the clothing aligns with the airline’s brand image, capturing the essence of the region. On top of that, Horizon Air’s cabin crew wears high-quality uniforms, reflecting confidence and style, showcasing intricate patterns and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.