Cabin Crew’s Guide to Packing Suitcases Perfectly

A cabin crew needs to be ready at all times to fly to different parts of the world. Once you’re hired as a flight attendant, you can go home and pack what you’ll need to bring the moment they inform you which flight you will be assigned. Furthermore, given that you will have a hectic schedule, you probably won’t have enough time to prepare things so it is necessary for you to have your things ready.

What are the things you usually bring with you whenever you’re flying to a particular place?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia (Under CC)

Take note of your essentials

When packing your suitcases, you must always research and plan ahead. First of all, you must consider the temperature of the place you’re going to prevent bringing the wrong ones that can make your stay uncomfortable.

Second, you should list down the things you need and want to bring and arrange them according to their relevance. That way, you can easily assess which items you do need, and disregard those that you don’t. For more tips on how to pack your suitcase the smart way, continue reading below.

1. Roll it up!

If you have to bring a lot of clothes with you, stacking them in a simple way will not fit everything at once and it will be full of creases when you unload your clothes. By rolling your shirts, dresses, and pants, you are smartly allocating the spaces inside your suitcases. Also, you will be able to bring your makeup kit without having to worry about whether it’ll fit or not.

2. Use decants for your toiletries

There are a lot of mini bottles and tubes that you can buy from the convenience stores and malls. They are really useful especially when you’re traveling and you can’t bring the whole bottle of shampoo with you because they take up too much weight.

3. Bring an eco bag or plastic bag

Unless you’re planning to wash the dirty laundry in the place where you’ll be staying, you need to pack another bag which you can use to separate the clean ones from those you have already used.

4. Don’t bring everything!

There’s really no need to bring all five shoes that you own especially when you’re not really spending a lot of time outside your hotel. In terms of your footwear, you can already include the one you’re wearing – which leaves you the option to bring another pair that will make your stay more comfortable in case you decide to walk around the city.

5. Pack early

Packing your stuff as early as possible will help you identify if you’re missing something or if you need to reduce your load. Also, it will avoid you from cramming in case the flight gets rescheduled earlier than expected!


By now, we hope that you already know how to prioritize in terms of packing. If in case there are some things that you can’t bring, don’t worry because it might be available in the city where you will be staying. Happy trip!