Nolinor Aviation Flight Attendant Salary and Benefits

Nolinor Aviation is a regional airline based in Canada, and according to its official Career page, the estimated hourly rate for new Flight Attendants is CAD$68.23 ($50). As a new FA assigned around 75 hours of flight time, you will earn an estimated basic pay of CAD$5,117 per month ($3,750). There are also other incentives and perks that may add up to your monthly salary.

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Les Investissements Nolinor Inc., famously known as Nolinor Aviation, is a charter airline based in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada. It provides passenger charter and freight flights throughout Canada and to the United States. The airline doing operations in Montréal-Mirabel International Airport, and it employs almost 200 people. Nolinor is known for the safety of its products and services. It uses an operational control system of type A, which is supplemented by a flight-tracking satellite system and highly qualified staff.

nolinor aviation flight attendants inflight
Image: Nolinor Aviation

Cash Salary Breakdown

  • Basic Salary-  According to Nolinor’s official website,  a new Flight Attendant at Nolinor Aviation can expect to earn an estimated amount of CAD$5,117 per month ($3,750). This computation is based on the average per-hour rate available on the Indeed Canada website, multiplied by 75 estimate flying hours per month.
  • Flying Pay-  A new Flight Attendant at Nolinor Aviation can earn an estimated flying pay of CAD$68.23 per hour ($50). This rate is based on Nolinor Aviation’s career page. The given per-hour rate is at the average line from all the salary data collected.
  • Layover Allowance- Currently, there are no publicized per diem rates for Nolinor’s Flight Attendants. But the average range for Canada-based airlines is from CAD$24.70 ($1.50) to CAD$2.70 ($2.00) per hour. The layover allowance is intended to cover your food and necessities expenses during a stopover.
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Image: Nolinor Aviation


  • Pension – Employee-employer partnership in a group pension scheme.
  • Celebrations – Social events include a Christmas party, a sugar shack, a barbecue, a community feast, a food truck, and a happy hour.
  • Compensated Overtime – Paid overtime and the option to save time in a bank of hours.
  • Insurance – At Nolinor Aviation, medical and paramedical care, dental care, short and long-term disability insurance, salary insurance, and life insurance are all covered by group insurance with shared costs.
  • Sick Leave – Paid sick and personal leave to help with personal and professional obligations.
  • Career Support – Opportunities for Career Advancement through programs. Opportunities for training and skill development.
  • Flexible Schedule – Flight attendants have a distinct and flexible schedule. Airlines want their crew members to be well-rested in order to ensure a safe flight, thus they may limit the number of hours crew members can work. The majority of flight attendants work three days per week. This can be a huge benefit for some people because it gives them more time to spend on travel, family, or personal interests.
  • Free Flights – Airlines offer free and discounted flights as perks to Flight Attendants. This means you can fly for free during your vacation leave or off through the company’s flights and other tie-up airlines.  Flight benefits may be extended to a flight attendant’s family depending on the airline. Some firms allow parents or children to fly for free, although this advantage is usually reserved for spouses and only applies to non-work vacations.
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Watch Captain Tremblay and his crew for a spectacular day of flying in ice and windy conditions in the legendary Convair 580 Nolinor is an airline known for being an expert when it comes to landing on gravel and ice runways. Not all airlines can do this kind of landing, especially in isolated areas, which is one of the services that Nolinor is providing. Get to see the actual flight you might be joining one day.

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Image: Nolinor Aviation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get paid during training days?

Nolinor Aviation is one of the airlines in Canada that paid for 5-6 weeks training of for its Flight Attendants. So as soon as you start the training process, your pocket will not be empty.

2. Does Nolinor provide a competitive salary?

In 2022, Nolinor Aviation announced that Flight attendants at the company will earn $45,000 per year beginning with their first year of service. This is Nolinor’s way of thanking its flight attendants for the consistent high-quality in-flight service despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic.

3. Will my salary increase after a year?

Nolinor Aviation offers an extremely competitive salary scale that will undoubtedly stand out in the market. Flight attendants will be able to earn an additional $5,000 in the second year of service. This is an addition to all other advantages such as insurance plan benefits, a group pension plan, and access to a profit-sharing scheme.

4. Where does Nolinor Aviation fly?

Nolinor provides air service to all regions of Québec as well as across Canada, the United States, and a variety of other locations across the world, including isolated areas with gravel and ice runways.

5. Will I still get covered with Life Insurance even if Nolinor is just a regional airline?

This benefit has become a standard package in the aviation industry. So whatever airline you worked for, you will always get covered by Life Insurance.

nolinor aviation flight attendants female working
Image: Nolinor Aviation


Nolinor Aviation pays high to its Flight Attendants even in the first year. According to its official Career page, new FAs can earn CAD$61,392 per year ($45,000). As a new FA assigned around 75 hours per month, you will earn an estimated basic pay of CAD$5,117 per month ($3,750). Nolinor Aviation is known for its energetic and professional workforce which consists of 250 employees. Nolinor has consistently strengthened its personnel over the years by focusing on continuous learning. This is how the company ensures its success and the dependability of each of its employees.