SkyWest Airlines Flight Attendant Responsibilities

Airline companies around the world always set standard procedures to their team and SkyWest is no exception. Working as a SkyWest Flight Attendant bears weight on the responsibility of caring for their passengers. Customer service duties are expected and this includes attending to passenger’s needs like serving meals and drinks on board.

Aside from those responsibilities, a SkyWest Airlines Flight Attendant has the primary role of ensuring the safety of the passengers while inside the aircraft.

Every day, SkyWest operates flights that require flight attendants to work on rotating schedules with variable hours that include holidays and weekends. Flight Attendant candidates must have the strength and be willing to work up to 14 hours on a daily basis with frequent change in climate and weather conditions. This position as a flight attendant requires one to travel constantly while being exposed to air turbulence, dry air, varying noise levels from aircraft engines and working in small and confined spaces.  While working in confined spaces, flight attendants will be exposed to the following: animals, latex gloves, nuts, perfumes, cleaning solvents, fumes, dust, pet dander and more. Those individuals with allergies from the above mentioned must be able to effectively manage it to be able to successfully work in this environment.

If you think you can do those basic responsibilities as a cabin crew member in SkyWest, you will gain the best experience of traveling while at the same time meeting different challenges along the way which could harness your people skills as you portray how it is to become an excellent SkyWest Flight Attendant.

Job Responsibilities

Here are the job requirements needed from each flight attendant applicant.

  • Ensure safety and comfort of customers onboard the aircraft
  • Prepare/serve meals and beverages including alcohol
  • Greet passengers, assist with carry-on baggage stowage, and deliver onboard announcements
  • Provide leadership in emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Calmly resolve passenger situations during flight, including disorderly passengers, and medical emergencies
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations
  • Adhere to established procedures and performance standards



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