SkyWest Airlines Salary and Benefits

When you become a flight attendant for SkyWest Airlines, you will be receiving numerous benefits and privileges that comes with the the job.

It’s good to know what other benefits a SkyWest Flight Attendant can get from the profession. Aside from being assigned to work in different cities within the US, here are the other things you will get:

SkyWest Airlines Benefits and Salary:

Flight Hours: New hire flight attendants will be guaranteed 76 flight hours per bid period as a reserve (whether you fly 1 hour or 76 hours, you are paid for 76 flight hours) after successfully completing phase one and two of the Initial New Hire training. A flight hour is based on block-to-block time, which begins when the main cabin door of the aircraft is closed and the aircraft brake is released, and ends upon arrival when the aircraft brake is set and the main cabin door is opened.


  • The rate is $17.68 per flight hour
  • Monthly beginning base compensation – 76 flight hours x $17.68 per flight hour = $1,343.68 per month (Note: this does not include per diem)
  • After six months, it increases to $18.13 per flight hour
    • After one year of service, the rate increases to $21.51 per flight hour

Per Diem: In addition, you are paid $1.85 per diem for every hour you are on duty away from your domicile.

Reserve Flight Attendants: Reserves may fly up to 120 flight hours per monthly bid period depending on the operational needs of the company. Additional hours over the 76-flight-hour guarantee are likewise paid  at the flight attendant’s hourly rate based on their seniority date.

These are some of the benefits you will get when you become part of the SkyWest Airlines flight attendant workforce. Apply now and travel the world!

Note: The information above may change without prior notice. It is always best to get the most updated details by visiting the Sky West Airlines website here:


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