3 Things every Flight Attendant Wish You Stop Doing

Each one of us definitely has our own pet peeves or something that we don’t like – and that’s perfectly normal. There are habits that others enjoy, but there are some who don’t.

Some of the things you probably don’t like are when a person brought in their shoes inside the house, purposely refused to throw their trash, or perhaps make that annoying munching sound when they eat. Things like that make some of us cringe to the point where we can’t stand it. But can you imagine how it is like to have a pet peeve while you’re working as a flight attendant?

Cabin Crews are Humans Too

When some people heard that there are things cabin crews wish their passengers stop doing, they often say that crews need to deal with it because it’s a part of their job, but that’s not how it works. When passengers do something they shouldn’t inside the aircraft, it affects the job of the crews more than you can imagine.

Here are some of the things that cabin crews wish passengers would stop doing:

1. Rude passengers

Every cabin crew has probably encountered one or two unruly passengers in their years of service, and that’s inevitable. There are different kinds of people and they can’t choose who to deal with. Sometimes, flight attendants get mistreated verbally like speaking to them in a raised voice, making nasty comments, and more.

Take note that even though they are attending to your requests, they aren’t your slaves and you could be jailed once you go overboard. So remember the things that you should never say to them!

2. Not listening to the instructions

Passengers can be stubborn at times, especially when they think they are in the right position. Put in mind that the crews will never forbid you to do anything you want unless it concerns your safety – because it’s their top priority. Sure, they are in charge of your safety, but once an incident happens, you should know that you’ve got no one else to blame but yourself.

3. Disrespecting others

It often happens that fellow passengers complain about someone who’s talking too loud and whatnots. Some of you may argue that the person is just probably used to speaking in a loud voice, but when you’re in an enclosed space and trying to relax a bit, that can be pretty much annoying.

These are just a few examples, but sure enough, there might be other things that every cabin crew wished that you stop doing. Can you give us more?