Air Canada Interview Stages

To all aspiring candidates who wish to apply as a Flight Attendant for Air Canada Rouge, certain qualifications must be met. Air Canada has listed the requirements that one need to pass in order to be eligible to apply as a Flight Attendant with their airline company. Once you have secured those requirements, you can start submitting your applications online. After doing this processing, Fly Rouge will review your applications and only successful candidates will be contacted for a phone interview

Phone Interview

As soon as your online application gets considered, one of the talented recruitment crew from Air Canada will contact you to discuss your resume. They will also test your language skills (if applicable) and talk about your past work experiences. The phone interview will usually take around 20 minutes.

In-person interview

The successful candidates who will pass the phone interview will then be invited to take part in a 1-day personal interview with Air Canada rouge. In this interview, the candidate will be asked a series of questions.

The following things will happen during the interview process:

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of working at Air Canada rouge
  • Face to face interview with an Air Canada rouge recruiter, which could take between 25 up to 30 minutes.
  • A presentation from current crew members of Air Canada rouge regarding their daily work life. The work challenges and expectations will also be presented.
  • Salary, employment commitment and working as part of a union will also be discussed during the interview process.


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