Air Canada Rouge Salary and Benefits

According to Air Canada Rouge’s Career page, a Flight Attendant at Air Canada Rouge can expect to earn an estimated amount of CAD$2,477 per month ($1,833). This is based on the given annual pay for FAs by Air Canada’s official website divided into twelve months. While the hourly rate is estimated to be CAD$33.03 per hour ($24.44). This is not the complete actual salary that newbies will receive since there are still incentives, bonuses, and allowances that will be added.

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Air Canada Rouge Salary and Benefits

Air Canada Rouge, which means “red” in French, is a subsidiary of Air Canada that specializes in low-cost flights for leisure travelers. It is completely integrated into the Air Canada mainline and Air Canada Express networks. The airline was founded in 2012 and started operations on after a year. The initial destination of Air Canada Rouge was Athens, Greece, from Toronto and Montreal as part of the Air Canada Leisure Group. The airline aims to compete in the leisure and vacation travel market with Air Transat, Sunwing, and WestJet.

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Air Canada Rouge Flight Attendant Cash Salary Breakdown

  • Basic Salary – According to Air Canada Rouge website, A new Flight Attendant can expect to earn an estimated amount of  CAD$2,477 per month ($1,833). This computation is based on the Annual Pay on their Career page divided into twelve months. New FAs can also earn an extra salary through bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, stock options, and tips are all possible forms of additional compensation.
  • Flying Pay – A new Flight Attendant at Air Canada Rouge can earn an estimated starting wage of CAD$33.03 per hour ($24.44). The usual guarantee hours for new FAs in this airline is 75 hours. The said starting wage may increase after a certain period of time mandated by the airline.
  • Layover Allowance – The estimated per diem pay for Flight Attendants at Air Canada Rouge is CAD$4.05 per hour ($3). The actual and precise rate will be discussed throughout the deployment process. The layover allowance or per diem pay is intended to cover the expenses of all your meals and other expenses during a stopover.

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  • Holidays – You are entitled to ten vacation days as a member of the Rouge Crew. Since the flight attendant job can be very demanding, Air Canada Rouge will give you some of the best priceless perks to relax. From your first day, you’ll be able to fly anyplace Air Canada and its affiliate carriers.
  • Hours of employment that are flexibleYou can bid on your flight attendant schedule as a Rouge Crew member based on your seniority. You’ll work certain days of the month and take other days off, but your schedule should allow you to maintain your other commitments.
  • Employee Assistance Program for FamiliesThe airline’s focus is to support its employees’ physical and mental well-being. You and your family who might be suffering from personal issues can use the EAP for private counseling and referral services to assist them and get the professional help you need.
  • WellnessRouge is committed to fostering and supporting its employees’ emotional and physical well-being. Its dedication includes activities like making valuable wellness platforms available to everyone, hosting an annual wellness week, and promoting a variety of wellness campaigns.
  • SafetyThe airline is proud to say that it is really constantly prioritizing safety.
  • FriendlyInside this airline, friendliness is the norm. Since this will help each employee to create happy and memorable memories, and this is priceless.
  • Employee Stock Ownership ProgramBenefit from Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge’s growth and success by contributing a percentage of your pay to the purchase of shares.
  • Life Insurance – Basic life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance are covered at a rate of 100% of yearly earnings, with a minimum of $35,000 in coverage. While Life Insurance is provided at an additional fee.
  • Medical and Dental – After three months of continuous service, Air Canada Rouge’s highly competitive Medical and Dental coverage kicks in. You will be able to choose the finest package for your well-being.
  • Visioncare – Visioncare is 100% covered at one eye examination per year, $150 per year and $250 every 2 years for eyeglass frames and lenses, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery.
  • Travel to any Air Canada destination – After 6 months on the job, flight attendats will have the opportunity to fly anywhere Air Canada and its affiliate carriers fly.
  • Extended Health Care – This includes semi-private hospital room, out of province emergency treatment, physiotherapy (either $1000 or $1500 per year), chiropractor, massage therapy, a naturopath etc., $750 per year or $1000 every two years for combined services.
  • Career growth – In due time, cabin crews can become team leaders. As part of the Air Canada Rouge family, one can apply for other job positions within the organization in the future.

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Video: How much does a flight attendant earn in Air Canada | Cabin Crew Salary In Air Canada

This video presentation will let you learn more about the salary and benefits you can get at Air Canada Rouge as a Flight Attendant. The said airline runs flights for leisure travelers which under Air Canada Leisure Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the common questions asked about Air Canada Rouge:

1. Is it possible for me to work full-time (40 hours a week) or request more flights?

Air Canada Rouge Crew members are assigned 12 to 15 flights per month, for a total of 75 hours. However, you are free to bid on additional hours if they become available.

2. Is Air Canada Rouge a unionized company?

Yes, working as an Air Canada Rouge Crew member is a unionized position. The appropriate Collective Agreement governs your salary, 6-month probationary period, and benefits following the successful completion of the flight attendant training program.

3. How much is the per-hour rate for Flight Attendants at Air Canada Rouge?

Annual pay begins at CAD$29,730 ($22,000) or more based on a minimum of 75 hours per month, including per diems, overtime, a competitive benefits package, and a pension plan.

4. How many hours of scheduled flights will be given to newbies like me?

You’ll fly at least 75 hours per month and get 10 to 12 days off. Keep in mind that your itinerary will always be a variable and liable to alter at any point while bidding on your flights.

5. Is Air Canada Rouge a major airline?

Air Canada is Canada’s national carrier and the country’s largest airline in terms of passenger capacity. It is one of the major airlines in the said country.

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Air Canada Rouge is an excellent opportunity if you want to become a Flight Attendant. The airline offers competitive salaries and benefits such as a generous Employee Assistance Program, Wellness program, Safety initiatives and friendly environment. The airline also offers Employee Stock Ownership Program and Medical & Dental coverage.

For those interested to work for Air Canada Rouge, the airline provides at least 75 hours per month with 10-12 days off and a minimum of CAD$29,730 ($22,000) or more as annual pay. It is also considered one of the major airlines in Canada because it is the national carrier and the largest airline in terms of passenger capacity. So if you are interested to work for Air Canada Rouge, this airline may be the perfect fit for you.

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