How to Apply Air Canada Express Cabin Crew Hiring

Are you on the lookout for cabin crew job opportunities? If you’re thinking of making your flight attendant dream job a reality, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! After all, Air Canada Express is looking for qualified candidates to join their growing cabin crew family. As one of the major airlines in Canada, Air Canada Express is after flexible, skilled, and highly motivated individuals that will best represent the airline’s brand.

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If you think you have what it takes to become an Air Canada Express flight attendant, you shouldn’t think twice about submitting your application. That said, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the Air Canada Express’s application process, including the qualifications, requirements, and expected responsibilities you must fulfill as their cabin crew.

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Overview of Air Canada Express

Air Canada Express, previously known by its former brand called Air Canada Jazz, is a Canadian airline operated by Jazz Aviation. The airline company was established in May 2011 and is in charge of connecting smaller Canadian cities to the country’s domestic hub airports and focus cities.

The airline has a total of four hubs (Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal-Trudeau, and Toronto-Pearson) and three focus cities (Aeroplan, Ottawa, and Halifax). Air Canada Express is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To date, the airline has a fleet size consisting of 114 aircraft models.

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As an Air Canada Express flight attendant, you are tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Providing quality customer service to guests onboard
  • Creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in the aircraft
  • Maintaining a professional, warm, and empathetic image for all customers
  • Ensuring the safety and efficient movement of the whole cabin crew and guests
  • Performing all necessary tasks before, during, and after flights in accordance with the airline company’s standard operating procedures and the Canadian Aviation regulations
  • Prioritizing safety and assisting customers and colleagues as needed
  • Ability to make sound decisions when dealing with emergencies
air canada flight attendants full uniform
Image: Air Canada


To become part of Air Canada Express’s growing cabin crew family, you must meet the following qualifications below:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be 6’1″ (185 cm) or shorter (without shoes) in accordance with the heights of the airline’s aircraft cabins
  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Must be proficient in speaking both English and French
  • Must have at least 1 to 2 years of experience working in the customer service industry or have any working experience with the public as a teacher, nurse, etc.
  • Must have great communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills
  • Must have a positive work attitude and the ability to work without being supervised
  • Must have a strong sense of ethics and respect for diversity
  • Must be willing to work a flexible work schedule, which entails working on weekends, evenings, and holidays
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status, including the ability to travel outside of Canada freely
  • Must have a valid passport at the time of hire and have any additional visa documentation required to travel outside of Canada freely
  • Must own and maintain a Restricted Area Identification Card (obtainable after employment)
  • Upon getting hired, must successfully finish the airline’s flight attendant training program
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Image: Air Canada

Document Requirements to Prepare

Since Air Canada Express’s job application is held online, you must prepare both physical and digital copies of the following:

  • Your updated CV/resume
  • Your head and full-body photographs
  • Your medical and dental records
  • Your good conduct certificate or criminal record
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Image: Air Canada

Where to Apply for a Job at Air Canada Express Online

To ensure that you stay updated on everything about Air Canada Express Airlines, we suggest you take frequent visits to their website. On their careers page, it can be easier for you to track should there be any changes regarding your application process, document requirements, and much more.

Air Canada Express Careers Page
Air Canada Express Careers Page

How to Become a Cabin Crew for Air Canada Express

Air Canada Express accepts flight attendant applications online through their official job portal. This can be found in the Careers section of their website. If you want to apply as Air Canada Express’s flight attendant, you may click the link below:

Step 1: Online Application

You may click the link above to visit the said job portal. Once the page finishes loading, you will see the “IN-FLIGHT SERVICES” among other job vacancies in the company.


You will then be led to a page where you can view the job position’s qualifications, list of benefits, requirements, etc. Once you’re done reading them and agreeing to the terms, you may click the “APPLY NOW” button to fill out the online job form. You will also be asked to upload your resume.

Make sure to duly fill out the form and attach the required documents. When you’re done filling out the forms, you can now submit them and wait for a response from the airline’s recruitment team.

Step 2: Online Interview and Evaluation

If your application gets shortlisted, you will be invited to do an online interview with Air Canada Express’s recruitment team. The online interview should include basic questions about the job and any company-related questions.

You will also be evaluated for your skills. This includes your ability to communicate proficiently in English and French, which is part of the airline’s requirements. That said, you will need to undergo language testing for the said languages to be considered for the job.

Step 3: Flight Attendant Training Program

If you are hired by Air Canada Express’s recruitment team, you will now proceed to the airline’s initial flight attendant training program. The training lasts around six weeks, which includes lessons and exams that’ll help you prepare better for the job. Upon successfully finishing the training program, you can now formally start your job as the airline company’s flight attendant.

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Image: Air Canada

Air Canada Express Salary and Benefits

As a flight attendant of Air Canada Express, you are entitled to the following benefits and perks below:

  • An hourly salary of $31.01
  • Comprehensive health plan that includes life insurance, medical, dental, and pension plans
  • Have access to Air Canada Express’s employee travel benefits program
  • Have access to a flexible working schedule, allowing you to trade schedules based on your needs
  • Have access to Jazz Ensemble Plus, Air Canada Express’s performance incentive program
  • Have access to Air Canada Express’s Employee Share Ownership Program
  • Guaranteed minimum of twelve days off every month and a minimum two-week vacation (plus accumulated statutory holidays)
  • Receive daily expense allowances of around $800 to $1000 per month (tax-free)
  • Flight attendant uniform, cleaning, and show allowances amounting to $700 per annum

Video: Beyond Ordinary: Behind the scenes of our Air Canada Express operation

This video, which is published on Air Canada Express’s official Youtube channel, showcases what goes on behind the scenes of the airline’s daily operations. Tasks involved in the airline’s operations include inspecting the aircraft, baggage inspection, tracking of flights, aircraft repairs or maintenance jobs, airport check-ins, and the like.

Photos: Air Canada Express Flight Attendant Photos

Check out these photos of Air Canada Express’ Flight Attendants in uniform. As you can see, the uniform is meant to be stylish and functional at the same time. It also helps preserve the individual’s and the company’s image of professionalism and excellent attention to detail.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now, here are some frequently asked questions about Air Canada Express’s application process below:

1. What is the height requirement for Air Canada Express flight attendants?

Candidates must be 6’1″ (185 cm) or shorter in height (without shoes) in order to qualify as flight attendants at Air Canada Express. The height requirement is in accordance with the heights of the airline’s aircraft cabins.

2. Is there a maximum age requirement to become an Air Canada Express cabin crew?

No, Air Canada Express only requires applicants to be at least eighteen years old to apply.

3. Do I need to be a college graduate to apply as a flight attendant at Air Canada Express?

No, Air Canada Express only requires applicants to be high school diploma holders. Any equivalent of a high school diploma is also accepted.

4. What languages should I be fluent in to be hired as a flight attendant at Air Canada Express?

Air Canada Express requires its flight attendants to be proficient in speaking both English and French. Candidates will go through a series of language exams to prove their proficiency in the said languages.

5. Do I need to have experience in the customer service industry to work for Air Canada Express?

Air Canada Express’s qualifications for flight attendant candidates include having at least one to two years of working experience in the customer service industry. Alternatively, having job experience working with the public (e.g., administration, nurse, teacher) is also accepted.

6. Does Air Canada Express hold face-to-face or online interviews during its hiring process?

Air Canada Express conducts online interviews, allowing you to do your job interview from the comfort of your home.

7. Are you required to finish Air Canada Express’s Flight Training Program?

Yes, you are required to finish Air Canada Express’s flight training program. Once hired by the airline, you will have to complete their initial flight training program to meet the airline’s strict company standards.

8. How long is Air Canada Express’s training program for its cabin crew?

Air Canada Express’ initial flight training program has a total duration of about six weeks.

9. How much is the daily expense allowance provided to Air Canada Express flight attendants?

The daily expense allowance provided to Air Canada Express cabin crew totals up to $800 to $1000 per month. These allowances are free of tax.

10. How do you get schedules as a flight attendant at Air Canada Express?

You can get flexible schedules via the airline’s bidding system if you are hired as an Air Canada Express cabin crew. Through the said system, you can trade schedules, have access to part-time work, and have access to overtime opportunities.

air canada happy male flight attendants
Image: Air Canada


If you’re interested in joining Air Canada Express’s cabin crew team, you can follow all the guides listed in this article. Of course, getting accepted to major airlines like Air Canada Express is not easy. But as long as you meet the airline’s qualifications and do the necessary preparations for your interviews and evaluations, you should have a great chance of getting accepted.

This marks the end of this cabin crew hiring guide. Again, make a note of all the guides above, and you should have a breeze with the application process. Best of luck!

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